24 Days of Christmas

Over the weekend I stumbled upon The Purl Bee’s blog and checked out their Felt Advent Calendar Tutorial. I really like The Purl Bee. They have tons of interesting projects be it knitting or sewing. I decided to make us an advent calendar too. I didn’t want to do another one like the one I recently finished, but something more practical for the kids.

I came up with a red/green/white calendar that Jem and Scout can share.


This project was perfect for all the little extra felt scraps from my other projects. But I admit, I had to drag Shawn to the craft store to buy six more pieces. This weekend, (of course), they will be on sale 6 for $1 as compared to 6 for $1.88. I’ll be stocking up!

And then out of the blue, DMC floss was on my mind. Felt? No. DMC floss. What could I possibly do with the embroidery floss. Why, cross stitch of course!


The story behind this is simple. When I was 15 years old I took the bus to the, (at the time), local Michael’s to buy something to do. I chose cross stitch. I got halfway into this very pattern. When we moved it vanished. Then I got together with the mom’s group and one of the nice women let me borrow a Precious Moments book. And wouldn’t you know? The very same pattern I was doing. About a month or two ago I decided I would do this. I wanted to replace those very long months where I painstakingly worked on this cross stitch sampler. Yesterday began my journey. I forgot how much work goes into those little x’s. My age must be showing when I look at the pattern. My eyes squint and I have to count the numbers a few times to make sure I’m counting correctly.

But it will be worth it to remember those moments from 13 years ago. Almost 13 years ago. I have 3 days to go and I’m enjoying the remainder of my 27 years.


2 thoughts on “24 Days of Christmas

  1. I love the advent calendar! I should make one for our family. We like to get the boys each a chocolate advent calendar but it would be nice to have one to have that isn’t cardboard! 😉

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