Kitty Cats and Calendars

Last night while finishing up the advent calendar Marilyn got cozy and decided to keep me company. I then realized I haven’t shared any of her pictures lately. And she’s gotten so big and nutty!


She must have motivated me or brought me some luck because by 11:30 last night I had the advent calendar done. I still have other items to make but this seemed to the most time consuming. I had to cut all the felt, whipstitch around 25 pieces, add buttons to each piece, crochet a little bit of yarn to make the ties, embroider each number and then assemble it with jute and ribbon. It’s quite lovely, but I think I’m going to modify it a bit when I do ours. I decided to only do a 12 days of Christmas one for us. Either way, the tutorial was clear and easy. Just tedious.


The things I do in the name of Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Kitty Cats and Calendars

  1. hi there…

    it’s nice to know that Christmas spirit already burning…heheh

    can’t wait for December!



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