Oh Happy Day!

Last week I ordered my Blythe doll. My other Blythe doll. You see, I was impatient, (not unusual), and I wanted to buy a Blythe doll. Because two is better than one, right? I bought and paid for it on Friday from one of the stores in Japan, (because it’s extremely hard to find Blythes in the US). I was disappointed when the mailman knocked on the door and had a package that wasn’t for me – it was Shawn’s Christmas present. So imagine my suprise when a different mailman came with a special delivery this morning! When I saw the Japanese custom forms I knew.

My new girl came home!

She is a Cinnamon Girl Blythe. I named her Bailey. Sitting next to her is Linkin.

Life is good.

I also want to confess something to you. I lied. I haven’t done much resting. The fact is that I had to clean the slight stains dirty, black stains from the carpet. My carpet literally looked like a giraffe with all the spots. I hate apartment carpeting. Who can keep a beige carpet clean? Especially with two kids and a dirty husband, (he never takes his work boots off when he comes home).

So I cleaned. But then I got in the housecleaning spirit and did the windows. Then I did all the dishes and put everything in it’s place. And then there was laundry! Lots of it. And everything ended up getting done. I even had time to work on the quilt that is late getting to it’s home.

I had to pick up a little extra fabric for the binding. Today I have to pick up the batting. The LQS didn’t have any for two weeks. Their shipment arrived Monday so I have to get my butt over there before they sell everything that was just shipped.

I didn’t get much done once the baby woke up from her nap, so I just switched projects and worked on my socks.

I finished the heel but had a few false starts on the leg. The markings changed and I was confused, but finally had a eureka! moment last night. Not sure how long I’ll make these since I like shorter ones, but the pattern is awfully pretty. I love Cookie A. !

Not much else happening except I still feel pretty crappy. Class on Monday was excellent. We listened to Edith Piaf in class, (if you don’t know who she is just Google her). She has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. Tonight we’ll prepare for next week’s exam. I didn’t do as well on my second exam though she said a lot of people failed that test – luckily we can throw one exam grade out.

I also did a little bit of clothes shopping and I found the cutest thermal for Scout, (I wish they used that print for adults, cause I’d buy like 10).

Me likey!


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