There are a lot of things

Friday afternoon is usually when my weekend begins. There are movies to be watched, knitting to be done, food to be made and weather to be enjoyed. There is housecleaning and relaxing, though never at the same time. There is sleeping in and staying up late.

There are park trips.

And kisses.

There are pumpkin patches.

And funny faces.

There is knitting.

There is also luck.

Without getting into detail a family member of mine was very generous in helping with some financial problems. There was some tears of joy and some of sadness. An instant release of stress, the burden has dissipated. There have been lists of things to do, things we need and things we want. There are holiday plans. There are a lot of things.

Thank God for famiy and friends.


6 thoughts on “There are a lot of things

  1. Your photos are so adorable. It looks like the perfect weekend. I’m happy that things are working out for you. Oh, and that mitten is too cute!

  2. I am glad that you have family that can give “luck”. I know how important that can be at times.

    The pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing Scout with us!

  3. Your pictures are so adorable!
    For me weekends (since I was working saturdays until last week) will be to stay late in bed for the first time in 3 months!!!! My husband is very happy… the cat and the dog are also happy!!!

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