Paper, pen and glue

Ever since giving up scrapbooking as a hobby I’ve hyperfocused on everything else.

Knitting. Jewelry Making. Baking. Quilting. Cross Stitch. Sewing.

But every now and again I get out some patterned papers and adhevise. I cut different shapes and different sizes. I trace chipboard to make big, bold lettering. I cut ribbons and use them as page tabs. I age papers with a special walnut ink. My fingers get sticky from the glue sticks. They turn brown from all the distressing. And for a few brief moments I regret giving up scrapbooking. Especially those occasions when we lazily go up and down the different aisles of the local craft store. Scrapbooking has come a long was since I started it in 1999. Styles have changed. Altering is the thing of the future. Funky shaped chipboard books. Single photo layouts. Sewing your pages.

It was fun to do a little creating for a swap partner of mine. Just a little something she can put up in her space. I’m only showing one picture that way it won’t be completely obvious who I’m making this for, (since I’m not sure if she will read this).

Lots of different stuff going on here. You can take another look.

I assure you that I have been knitting though I have no proof to show. I finished the Jaywalker sock and had to frog part of the second. Once I finish both I will share a picture. No point in showing just one, unless you are a peg legged sea captain who favors colorful knit socks!

My weekend didn’t go quite as planned. I’ve been immensely unmotivated though I’ve been trying hard to stay at the task at hand. I’m behind on my Etsy orders so I really need to get going! Bags weren’t made. Quilting never made it to the sewing machine. However, I did finish a sock!  And this altered name banner. So it’s not all bad.

Especially when I was able to quench my crafter’s guilt with a couple of these:

Apple fritters. So good that I had to make them Saturday and Sunday. And maybe even tonight.


4 thoughts on “Paper, pen and glue

  1. What a lovely little scrapbook. I’ve never really gotten into that particular craft, but I certainly can appreciate the time it takes to put something like that together. They make such special gifts.

    Those donuts look amazing!!!!

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