Fast Forward to the Weekend

It’s Friday. In about two hours Shawn will walk through the door all stinky and sweaty from work. That is my queue to begin our weekend. Last night, Shawn and I were talking.

I said, “Do you know what I would love to do this weekend?”

He replied, “What?”

I answered, “I’d love to have an entire day when I can just work on all of my projects”.

Whether I will get an entire day or not is yet to be determined. I can assure you that I will keep busy though. Today I’ve been cleaning and trying to organize projects. Yarn needs to go in bags. Paper needs to be cut down. Fabric needs to be ironed. Packages need to be taped and addressed. Chicken needs to be de-boned and put into buttermilk.

My plans include making bags with some of Sandi Henderson’s new Farmer’s Market fabric. The moment I saw the apple fabric online I knew I just had to buy some. I was lucky that the local fabric shop had some in stock, so I bought a couple of yards.

The orange is actually going to be used with the Medocino fabrics I bought a couple of weeks ago. I ♥ the orange and blue theme.

While at the craft store I picked up some Halloween papers and embellishments so that I can make a banner for the house. I love the one I did with Basic Grey papers for Christmas last year and I thought I should make a Halloween themed one for this year. Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I love candy. I love dressing up. However, I’m thinking that hundreds of years ago that Halloween meant something completely different. When you get older the significance of a holiday becomes a little more clear compared to when you are chocolate greedy 7 year old goblin. I’m trying to remedy my dislike of the holiday and get a bit creative.

I have to finish working on the shop sample Jaywalkers. I have to finish the rest of the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket. I have to design a pattern based on a Target sweater. I have to put together the rest of the Purple Quilt top. I have a few sets of stitch markers to make.

And I have this to think about. I missed out on the last round, which ended about two years ago. I was able to get in this time. All my creative juices are flowing. This will also be the last of my swaps I’ll be doing for a while. I took a fairly long break and then overextended myself again with all the great swaps that are out there. They are addicting. Maybe it’s just the feeling you get when you open a present, or maybe just receiving something in the mail.

So with that, I have things to do and people to see. I have a bowling record to break tomorrow night. I have a family I need to spend time with. There is some rest to be had. So have a good weekend and see you on Monday.


Friday Fill In #92

1. October means that there will be a little rainfall.
2. Bugs and snakes scare me!
3. Leaves are falling all around, it’s getting a little bit cooler.
4. My favorite horror movie is Halloween because Michael Meyers rocks.
5. Baking with my mom = good memories.
6. It was a dark and stormy night and the candles flickered their light.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to homemade fried chicken and mashed potatoes, tomorrow my plans include kicking Shawn’s ass at bowling and Sunday, I want to make magic!


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