I’ve found it difficult to achieve any type of balance lately.

Chemical imbalanced.

Unbalanced checkbook.

Imbalance when I stand up.

There’s always something going on and right now the list is more like a million little things. I’m immersed in conflict and can’t see my way out. I seek happiness and friendship. I pray that I can go outside and not have a panic attack. I wish to breathe normally again.

And when none of this seems like it’s a realistic goal, I bake.

I bake to avoid loneliness. I bake to cure boredom. I bake to wet my appetite. Sometimes I feel empty like this little cupcake liner. Other days I feel like this:

Filled to the brim with possibilities.

Cupcakes give you a sense of warmth and comfort. Nothing can feel wrong when you have a cupcake.


6 thoughts on “Imbalance

  1. oh no! I hope that you will get better…find more balance soon! I know that cupcakes are good and everything but they are not the answer 😉 But believe me, it could work for a few weeks..even months! If you want cupcakes ideas, let me know I got a few good books! Take care xox

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