To The Fair And Back

The LA County Fair is back and I had to leap at the chance of going when we were given free tickets and free parking, (a $44 value). That and the fact that we missed the Ventura Fair back in August, we just had to go. We arrived at 9:30 and stayed til about 4:00 and I’m still sore and tired! But it was absolutely worth going. I hadn’t been to the LA County Fair since I was 15 years old.

I don’t remember the place being so big or so expensive. I guess when you are a child and your parents pay for everything you don’t remember, or appreciate, it. It’s a little disheartening though. As we went from station to station and saw piglets, lambs, giant bunny rabbits, hairless rats, I thought to myself, “It’s sad but there are so many kids out there who will never even get to see farm animals”. A very sad thought indeed. I’ve been lucky that I was raised around farm animals and that I was lucky enough to ride a horse. LA is too much of an urban society. With the economy declining so many ranchers are abandoning their farmlife. It doesn’t help that there isn’t much farmlife around here to begin with.

Then I also realized the prices of the Fair were pretty high so that decreased the chances for some families to come visit all the great things the Fair has to offer. Here at the LA County Fair we paid $4.25 for a large soda, $3.50 for a 12 oz. bottle of water, $7.50 for a small tri tip sandwich, $7 for a bag of cotton candy, (and did you know that the average sized bag of cotton candy only costs 10 cents to make? How’s that for a killing?), 10 tickets to play games and go on rides cost $5, but the average game “cost” 6 tickets as did the rides. It costs 9 tickets, per person, to ride this beauty:

That means it would cost a little less than $10 for 2 people to ride. We skipped this.

I can now see why this particular carnival circuit only have to work 6 months out of the year while travelling to 3 states here in the West.

So we spent our very expensive outing trying not to think of the numbers but of all of the attractions they had. I spent the majority of my browsing looking at three things.

The first:

and then some of these:

and this pretty little girl:

My second focus was to check out the Tapestry department which houses the judging for canning/preserving, cake/pie/cookie making, knitting and other needlearts, and a variety of other crafts. Again, disheartening and maybe even a little disappointing. There were absolutely beautiful projects. I can’t believe the talent of some people as they create jewelry pieces using thousands and thousands of little seed beads. Or some of the creative ideas that people put together and pieced into a wall size quilt. But the lack of participation was sad. So few projects as compared to the Ventura County Fair, (and they aren’t even half the size of the LA County Fair). Shawn asked me why a person would enter so many of their own pieces. The only answer was that there just weren’t people participating. So many of the people who entered were from the Pomona area, (which is where the Fairplex is). I only saw one woman’s name on the tag that said she was from the San Fernando Valley, which is where we used to live, (much bigger than Santa Clarita). Anyway, I would have liked to have seen more knits. The good thing to come out of this is that I told Shawn in no uncertain terms that I would be entering next year now that we have a reliable car to travel. (Driving 600 miles altogether to drop off, visit and pick up the items in our 1986 Lincoln Towncar seemed unrealistic.) I’m going to enter til my fingers shrivel up from all the work I’ll be doing in the next year. I’m determined.

And third, the food! Throughout the day we bought a delicious tri tip sandwich, an order of cheese fries, an order of yammies, (they are deep fried sweet potato fries with cinnamon or marhsmallow on top), a large funnel cake with strawberries, AND a deep fried Snickers bar:

This is a recent thing, deep fried everything. I heard a lot about it on The Food Network but since we haven’t done the fair, we hadn’t had any experience. They had deep fried hot dogs, White Castle burgers, frogs legs, Twinkies, Pop Tarts, Snickers, turkey legs, potatoes…The list goes on. But a lot of the deep fried desserts were beckoning us to try. Shawn picked out the Deep Fried Snickers. I had a bite but the inside was so hot that it burned my mouth. The funnel cake was much more appealing to me. But again, it’s about the experience.

Shawn and I had a good time, but I think our wallets came out a little dented in the process. But it’s only once a year, right?


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