The Color Purple

A month ago I was commissioned to make a purple quilt for an Etsy buyer. Now, I love quilts. However, I don’t ♥ purple. In fact, it’s the least favorite color on the ROYGBIV spectrum. Life teaches us that you must make do with what you have. The entire quilt is purple, as the customer chose each fabric. I can’t say that I love it, and I suppose I don’t have to since it’s not mine, but it is growing on me.

Eventually these strips will turn into a big purple people eater full size quilt. Over the weekend I was able to iron all the fabrics, (see I learn from previous mistakes), cut the initial strips, sew the strips, cut them again so that we have the above said strips. It’s the basic baby block baby blanket though I am going to need to spruce up the sides as this blanket will need a bit more length and width. I haven’t decided what to do about that quite yet. I can add three extra sets of 5 x 5 blocks. Or I can get creative.


8 thoughts on “The Color Purple

  1. It looks awesome, and I’m totally intrigued with the whole process…I have yet to try my hand at a quilt. Of course, I went ahead and signed up for the BTRS quilt swap a couple weeks ago. I must be insane. (!)

  2. You can add borders of solid fabrics that pick up some of the less noticeable colors of the fabrics, like the white of the flowers and the light pink in the geometric design or even the green….

  3. how cool is that? a commission. wow. yeah, i know how you feel about not liking purple. i didn’t like the colors in the quilt i finished up last week/two weeks ago, but it sort of grew on me after a while. maybe you’ll gain a new appreciation for purple? or not. be sure to put a disclaimer in etsy that you cannot take commissions for quilts in colors you don’t like!

  4. The combination looks great. I will admit that I am partial to purple due to Munchkin’s college, but just the same I can’t wait to see the FO.

    I agree with LizzieK8, and the green in the one block would be a great accent. Purple and green look great together.

  5. I think it’s sometimes fun to work outside your “normal” colors. My fav color is green and I’ve been forcing myself to pick other colors. Now I have found lots of other favorites!


  6. oh i’m so with you on purple…it’s so weird that i love it in nature…but i won’t let it in my house. i keep thinking it might grow on me. good for you working outside of your comfort zone.

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