Cut and Sew, Cut and Sew

For some manic reason I decided to finish the Fresh Squeeze Quilt after a lot of cutting, measuring, sewing, remeasuring, (at least 4 more times because some blocks where totally a smidgen off in measurements), undoing seams, measuring, and re-sewing. More measuring for the borders. Researching the right backing. Quilting. Lots of quilting. All of this had been done for the last two weeks. Yet it sat idly near the the sewing machine. Whether out of depression or anticipation or maybe sheer laziness on my part it sat.

And then in the midst of peace and quiet in the afternoon, I decided to make the binding on a whim. Of course, with those impromptu feelings and plans came a bit of a disaster. I disregarded the usual rules when making continuous strips of binding. Rather than attach each of the strips perpendicularly, like you are suppose to, I attached them same edges together. Which I realize is harder to explain written/verbally than it is to explain visually.) In the end, I undid the seams and did them correctly.

I stayed awake until 1 a.m. machine sewing and then hand sewing the binding.

Overall I’m 90% happy with this quilt. Of course, I know my own mistakes and unless you look for them carefully no one would probably notice. Except for the sharp eagles eyes of a professional quilter.

Folded up nice and neat, (this will be the only time I’m sure):

The contrast of the quilt top with the backing fabric and the binding:

I’m not too happy about the orange fabric I used for the binding. Shawn accompanied me, (I say accompany because he never really goes willingly to the fabric shop), and helped me narrow down my choices. I thought that the solid red would have done better, but when looking at the quilt next to the orange…well it just made sense. (That and I always ask Shawn what he thinks when it comes to color choice, for example: bedroom wall colors, clothing, yarn, fabric, etc. Usually I ended up picking the one he doesn’t like the best which I think really bothers him. Well, he insisted with the orange even though I was apprehensive. But I digressed and put a little bit of faith in him. God love him, but I should have gone with the watermelon red.

Finishing this quilt has made me feel like it’s the end of summer though we still have a few weeks, “officially”. What’s strange is that the weather yesterday afternoon and today have been questionably cooler than the past few weeks. Should I take this as a sign and make plans for a Fall quilt? Well, as much as I would like to start one I have plans for making a Log Cabin quilt because in addtion to a certain someone inspired me and because I just bought a great copy of a Quilt In a Day book that focuses on Log Cabin patterns only.

There will be a lot of quilt making going on in the next few weeks and for that I’m grateful.


7 thoughts on “Cut and Sew, Cut and Sew

  1. That’s a beautiful quilt! So fresh and, well, citrusy. 😀 I have to say, though, that I think the orange binding is PERFECT for the quilt, at least from what I can see in the photos. Because the border is green, I think you needed the orange edge to make the orange and yellow pop. Not sure how red would have worked… which is hard for me to say because red is my favourite colour! 😀

    In any case, BEAUTIFUL quilt. You should feel proud!

  2. yummy, so gorgeous! and i learned something new from you…. sewing strips perpendicularly? who knew? not i. oh well. i don’t think that doing it straight across on my quilt actually did anything bad/horribly visible.

    i LOVE the orange binding. i would likely love the watermelon red, too. that’s so funny that you use Shawn’s opinion to decide what NOT to use.

  3. You are amazing! That is a beautiful quilt. And to think that you have not been sewing for long! Where do you find all the time to do that?!! : )

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