In Full Swing

So the Central Park Hoodie is finished and the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket has been started. The girl that has me knitting this for her chose Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light, in Pea Soup, for her custom sweater. This yarn is lovely to work with and proves that Alpaca is most definitely a perfect choice for warmth. I love the feel of the lightweight yarn sidewinding through my fingers. Even in the hot summer months this yarn keeps you warm and comfortable, regardless of the 100 degree temperatures.

And the pattern? In truth, I’ve been wanting to knit this sweater. Ever since seeing the sweater on the Rainey Sisters blog, I’ve coveted having one for myself. And the truth is my sweater queue is vastly filling up every time I check out Ravelry. And the underlying truth is I found myself steering towards thick and chunky sweaters. While I love cardigans and sweaters using size 3 needles, I find that knitting a sweater on 9’s is just as rewarding. But then as luck would have it someone requested this beauty on Etsy and I was even luckier when she accepted my bid. I was looking for an excuse to knit this while being buried with my own UFO’s.

The back pleat of the sweater is what really draws me into this pattern. How often do you see a design of this nature? The sweater is the epitome of successful knit designs. And now I must admit that I am jealous that I’m not knitting this for myself. Once it’s knit, blocked and then sewn I will have to wrap it carefully in tissue paper and send it to it’s rightful owner. I will have to say goodbye and then delve into the world of yarn choice, which I don’t know if you know this about me but it’s probably the hardest choice for me to make. I can easily choose a pattern because of it’s appeal. But yarn? There is an infinite number of yarns to choose from. Do I go with the alpaca? Silk? Cotton? Do I go with Rowan? Mirasol Project? (Which by the way is becoming a favorite in my Top 5 favorites?) Debbie Bliss?

I suppose I have some time to figure it out. In the meantime I’ll continue to fall back on the comfort of this sweater even though someday soon we will part.

Full swing has become an understatment.

Knitting projects.

Homeschooling Jem.

Three day weekends.

Starting French classes.

Balancing the checkbook.

Preparing for Autumn.


Enjyoing the last days of Summer.

Mother’s groups.

Becoming balanced physically and emotionally.



3 thoughts on “In Full Swing

  1. I so love the Berroco Ultra Alpaca. It’s such a pleasure to work with, and that green is so pretty. You sound so busy. But it’s a good busy. Enjoy!

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