I don’t think I’ve ever really mentioned my unhealthy obsession with Marilyn Monroe, but I have one. A huge obsession. I’ve read nearly every biography about her, from Barbara Leaming to Berniece Baker Miracle, (Marilyn’s half sister), to the biography that Marilyn put together herself. I’ve even gone so far as reading Joyce Carol Oates’ novel “Blonde”. I own most of Marilyn’s movies and a number of her portfolios. I ♥ Marilyn Monroe.

I love her so much that I decided to name our new addition after the legendary actress.

So, without further ado, introducing Marilyn:

You see, we went to the animal shelter last week and while Shawn wanted to restrain my temptation I could not help but see this little orphan curled in her litterbox. She looked so lonely and lost. I had asked the staff to put her on hold but they told me that there was a possibility that her owner might come back for her. They believed that she was a feral cat so I took their warning with a grain of salt. And then lo and behold, Thursday morning I get a phone call. The cat is sick! She has an upper respiratory infection and they asked that I pick her up immediately if I still wanted her. Of course, I have to take her back to the shelter to get her spayed. (I had to put down a “trust” deposit. Well, Shawn did.) And now she’s here.

Marilyn is a bit skittish. She’s about a month and a half old and I have to wonder what happened in 6 short weeks that has her disregarding her current surroundings. She will let us hold her and pet her. But she tends to hide. In fact, after rearranging the bedroom I couldn’t find her! She had actually crawled up the mattress and dug under 4 blankets, (yes, we have four blankets on the bed), and hid. Dalton doesn’t mind her but she minds him. It will take some time to get her used to her new environment. She’s a bit timid around Scout. I would be too. Scout is a giant compared to little Marilyn.

But she loves Shawn. And even though he won’t admit it, he’s smitten with her too.

So for now that’s all that’s going on.

I’m in the middle of a few different projects, one that includes cross stitching. Another is a custom order on Etsy, (well a few of those I’m happy to say). And I’d say I’m about 85% done with the hood on CPH. I hope to have it finished and modeled for Sunday.

With that said, have a great weekend everyone!


5 thoughts on “Marilyn

  1. that sweet Marilyn. wow. happy kitty love to you. i, too had a MM fixation. don’t have it so much now, but i think i still have all my MM posters, somewhere. they were tacked up all over my walls. my mom preferred those to the Cure, whom she said appeared demonic in their makeup.

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