Be Cool

Amidst the summer heat we’ve been spending a little more time at the pool the past week or so. We’ve been lucky that we don’t have to share the pool with anyone else at the moment. (Schools out here start mid August so the kids aren’t traipsing around the spa and getting in the way of the younger kids.) Scout has become much more proficient with her swimming skills. And a bit more courageous when it comes to jumping into the pool. Of course, she still uses her Floaties but she can float on her own and even tries to dog paddle in the shallow end.

Scout should have been born in a bathtub. She’s turning into a regular fresh water fish.

And while I stay home in the cool and comfortable air conditioning I’ve been trying to get as much knitting done as possible. I’ve commissioned a few more projects on Etsy and am spreading myself a little thin. But bills have to be paid.

I finished the Golden Snitch Hat and had Scout model it for me so I could send it off to it’s rightful owner.

I used some of the Vanna’s Choice yarns and while I’m a self proclaimed yarn snob, I have to say this particular acrylic is actually nice to work with. No itchy, fuzzy, yucky colored acrylic for me!

I’m ever so close to finishing the CPH. I did all the seaming and am currently working on the hood. I hope to have this done this week. I hope to have the quilt done too. I finished all the quilting so onto the binding I go. I don’t look forward to the binding. But if I truly learned from my mistakes from the first quilt it shouldn’t be that bad, right? Right?


4 thoughts on “Be Cool

  1. Cute hat! Isn’t it fun to watch to watch the kids in the pool?

    Binding is one of my fav parts of quilting. I do it by hand so it’s relaxing but at the same time makes me feel like I’m quickly coming to the end of a project!

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