Beach Bum

Sunday we drove to Point Dume, (in Malibu), and had a nice afternoon eating turkey sandwiches, crispy Pringles and juicy grapes and nectarines.

We took in the ocean misting against our faces. We lathered sunscreen onto the baby and still managed to miss those thin little creases in the back of her knees and neck. And butt. Can’t forget the sandy little tookus that picked up every grain of sand known to man.

Scout enjoyed her first adventure into the high tide and showed us that she can shovel with the best of them.

We enjoyed the sunshine and the cool 74 degrees that the coast provides as compared to the low 100’s that the canyons and deserts have been providing.

We had the opportunity to watch Pelicans in formation while they dipped and dived for fish in the sea and whatever other foods they could scavage on top of the white capped waves.

It was a pleasant Sunday. The pictures bring back the memories of Scout’s first trip the ocean. She made us laugh as she shoveled the sand and ran around with mud on her butt. She made us smile when she laughed at the waves. She’s adventurous and wants nothing more to play in the water all day. For now she’ll have to be happy with the pool. Lucky for us that beach weather continues to October around here. Once will never be enough for her.


5 thoughts on “Beach Bum

  1. Oh, she is adorable! I can only imagine how long it must have taken to get rid of all that sand. Sounds like a perfectly lovely Sunday!

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