Under The Sea

Every now and again I’ll go on a fabric splurge, especially when designers come out with new collections. I would love to get my hands on Sandy Henderson’s Farmer’s Market collection. I love the bright and colorful palette she uses. The fabrics would make a great girly quilt. Heather Bailey also has a new collection out called Freshcut Garden and Pop Garden. Last week she put a great pincushion tutorial on her website that would make fun gifts for friends that sew. And Amy Butler seems to still be going strong with her new endeavors. I already made the Nappy Bag and eventually I’ll make another, but I absolutely love the Birdie Sling.There are just too many good things out there and it’s hard to decide on what to buy for what project. I am only beginning to work on the machine quilting of the Fresh Squeezed quilt so what business do I have in planning another quilt?

Plenty, I say! After seeing the new Medocino by Heather Ross I succumbed to the powers that be and bought 8 fat quarters worth of fabric:

I mean, who could resist the little fishes?

I have no idea what pattern I’ll use, if I’ll even bother to use one. I have no idea what my vision for this quilt will be. I just knew it would make a rather adorable quilt. And because I’m still selfish in terms of sewing, it will be for me. One day when my skills have excelled I will give away the quilts I make.

Til then, I’ll be sleeping with the fishes in a short time. Just not literally.


5 thoughts on “Under The Sea

  1. i saw that fabric somewhere earlier this week and was immediately lusting for some. so glad you beat me to it! love the fishes, and the seahorses, and the mermaids; just love the whole darling theme!

  2. W-O-W, you have some beautiful fabric! I have to control myself…I have no room for new fabric unless I make things with what I have right now! It’s a personal rule that I made! I can’t wait to see all of your wonderful projects…take a lot of pictures 🙂 Take care and thank you SO much for your nice comments on my blog. I think that I lost your e-mail…me and computer! Too bad, I would love to answer to your comments directly. Clo xox

  3. Oh, I adore those new fabrics you got!! Can’t wait to see them worked up in a quilt 🙂 Thanks for the pincushion tutorial linky too. I totally want to make one of those now!!

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