Queen Bee

Busy weekend. Busy as a bee.

I did a little bit of quilting:

Fabrics are “Fresh Squeezed” by Sandy Geravis for Moda

I did a little yarn shopping for an Etsy bid:

I did a lot of research:

I painted the kids room, but I don’t have any pictures. Tomorrow I promise.

I also did quite a bit of cooking. I tried out a new Slow Cooker recipe: Beef with Shitake Mushroom/Hoison Sauce. I made homemade guacamole and corn tortilla chips. I made my Fudgey Brownies for dessert since I didn’t have anything to satisfy my sweet tooth. And to top it all off, I made strawberry jam and it is delicious. Today’s menu included home made bean and ham soup with biscuits. Call me a homemaker extraordinaire. Go ahead, I dare you!

I even got a little scrapbooking done with a 7gypsies kit. I can’t show you the book until it’s done though, it wouldn’t do it any justice. Time and patience my friends.

The rest of the weekend included watching The Ruins with my crush Johnathon Tucker which while very corny was still a pretty good scary movie. It’s all about ancient Mayan ruins. I didn’t manage as much rest as I would have liked but I was productive and that makes me feel pretty useful.

Just wait til you see Central Park Hoodie.


5 thoughts on “Queen Bee

  1. wow, you were busy! are you handquitlting or machine quilting? still in love with that citrusy quilt. and homeschooling, too? thinking about for Scout, or Scout and Jem? whew. that’s a lot to take on, but ideally, i’d love to do that with my babe-to-be. public schools are depressing, esp. in TN–we’re always 48th or 49th on the list of most underfunded schools in the nation.

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