Change Is Good

To be honest, I haven’t been doing much more than knitting a bit on the Central Park Hoodie. I did hit the 50% off sale at the LYS  yesterday and scored on 5 more skeins of the Cascade 220 and 3 skeins of Koigu. I also grabbed another set of US 1 dpn’s by Inox since Scout decided to bend one and the Sahara Sweater pattern by Stitch Diva. Later this week I will go back and grab the last Eco Wool skein I needed, since I forgot. And I might grab a few skeins, (as in 13), of the Karabella Aurora 8 for Shawn’s pullover. Maybe. I haven’t decided if I want to use that yarn for his sweater. I do have some time though, so I’m not rushing myself into a decision.

I have to say that lately I’ve been disappointed in my LYS. Rather than mince words I think it’s suffice to say that I might be supporting my online shops more than ever. It makes me sad because I love the LYS environment, but I think my mental health is much more important than exposing myself to a few people who aren’t quite “friendly”. Nuff said. With that, I’ve been surfing on Etsy a lot. Handmade makes me giddy inside. I’ve also spent a bit of time on eBay, more or less to make sure I get a good deal on my Blythe. I’ve also found some great beading sites, which even that makes me sad. When you really start informing yourself about prices on products it’s hard to believe you pay what you do in a Brick and Mortar shop as compared to an online store. For example, for a particular bead class I am participating in I would have to spend $21.60 on 12 dozen 3mm bicones, (that’s just the one set of color). On eBay I found a shop, (which is an actual B&M store in downtown LA), that I can buy the same 3mm bicones for $9.99. I think, lately, I’ve crossed the line on being loyal to my favorite stores and trying to get the best for my buck. I know many people have fallen on hard times, (including us), and for me, what’s important is to have some fun rather than spending oodles and oodles of money for one day of entertainment and paying the next two months for it. * sigh *

All that said, I’ve done a lot of “window” shopping online. Maybe it’s because I haven’t left the hospital/house for the past two weeks, except to hang out with Jody yesterday. But I’ve enjoyed perusing online. It’s so rare that I can really read blogs and check out new sites. Of course, now it has me in a state of shock that there are so many beautiful things out there that I would like to try, buy and experience. Here’s my list for today. I think my tastes vary on a daily basis.

1. Mud Creek, 2. Evening Whispers, (class on August 9th) , 3. Alice and Wonderland Bookplates, (custom order), 4. Ella Owl, 5. Dragonfly, 6. Steel Blue , 7. Milky Way Sugar 8. Pozik , 9. Blue Cord Coat , 10. Bangle, 11. Farmers Market, 12. strawberry shortcake cupcakes, 13. “Autumn Leaves”, 14. Australian shepherd puppy, 15. County Fair, 16. Cat Nap

So that’s what’s on my mind.

I’m sure there will be more knitting content to follow. I just need to get outside and take a few photos. Breathe the summer air. Enjoy the mild evening heat. Wallow in the warmth that will soon be taken over by cracking leaves and Santa Ana winds. I look forward to the scent of soggy leaves after an autumn rain. The feel of the wind through my hair as I walk on campus. I smile at the thought of hot chocolate for breakfast and warm apple cider. I am excited by the thoughts of shorter days, longer nights and wrapping up in a handmade quilt.

When I read through what I’ve written I realize I’m looking for change. Not in all aspects of my life, though it seems that it’s taken effect in most. Change is good.


4 thoughts on “Change Is Good

  1. I understand your LYS feelings. I recently got told off by my LYSO about something that I had no idea had been bugging her for a long time and it all happened in such a bad manner that I still don’t know if I want to continue going. I take criticism well normally. I enjoyed going and knitting with others but I always got the impression I was not exactly accepted. Since I have stopped going I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would. Thank goodness for the ravelry community.

    I am extremely loyal to my local stores and try to help the small local businessman so it is a hard choice for me to make.

  2. What is it about LYSs? I read so often of snooty or rude workers in them. Of the three here, one is obnoxious (and waaaay understocked, IMHO), the other okay, and the other so far away I can’t justify the gas money to visit it. Yarn or gas? Yarn or gas? No brainer! It’s hard to support a business that treats it’s customers crappy.

  3. too bad about your LYS. i like mine, feel right at home there. she invited me to come tues. nights, a few years ago, to one of the regular knitting classes/groups, and at first i felt awkward but before long i fit it well. i’m glad i had that experience, and while i don’t still hang out there tues. evenings, i still have warm feeling for my LYSO and her shop, though others don’t like her personality or approach to service; she’s a bit brusque.

    happy knitting! hope you go to town on that hoodie. can’t wait to see it completed.

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