Christmas in July

Shawn was a total sweetheart while I was in the hospital. Three days before the surgery we had taken a trip down to the LYS to kill time browse. I was on the hunt for some yarn for a new CPH, (Central Park Hoodie), since the first one wasn’t 100% perfect. (I wanted a more roomy sweater.) I found the perfect dark brown Cascade 220 and put it on hold.

Little did I know that he went to the shop on Friday and bought all the brown that they had and a skein of Cascade Eco Wool I had put on hold. I love this Van Dyke brown and dove right into the sweater the night before last.

It’s the perfect shade. I don’t know why it’s so hard to find the right brown, there are so many shades out there. More often than not, though, I find there’s too much red or too much white. I can’t wait to sport this new sweater. I have a feeling it’s going to become a fast favorite.

The Eco Wool:

This has been set aside from the WrapAround Cardigan from Luxury Knits. I’ve been itching to make the sweater for about 3 years when I first bought the book. BUT, I was none too thrilled to think about purchasing 20 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK. It would be quite expensive. But then I stumbled upon the Eco Wool. Perfect color, perfect gauge and a wonderful feel to it. And it wasn’t going to cost me my first born! I won’t start the sweater until August though. I joined the Summer 2008 Knitting Olympics, (check Ravelry if you want to join), and am participating in the Sweater Sprint. When I joined the first one that the Yarn Harlot began I looked forward to knitting a sweater in two weeks. Unfortunately I failed miserabley. Not only did I not finish, my sweater was destroyed this past year when I threw it in the tub to soak for a while. This year I will overcome! And have a luxurious cardigan to boot. Take that!

Shawn also went to the bookstore and grabbed a quilt magazine and a copy of Knit So Fine. I first saw the book at Beverly’s but I restrained myself from buying any more books. But Shawn asked me to pick out a book and I did.

I can’t give you an in depth review because I haven’t knit anything from the book. I can say that I’m more than happy that someone out there has a love for knitting with skinny yarns. There are a number of patterns that I would like to try, especially the butterfly stitch wraparound. There are also a great pair of cabled fingerless mitts that are elbow length. Would I ever wear them? Certainly not. But the pattern is too hard to resist. All the patterns are made using skinny yarns out there, so be aware: no chunky yarns, no big needles.

When I came home he had a 1 lb. box of See’s candies for me too. And the kicker? I’ve been waiting for a Blythe doll. I’ve been picky about which one I want. He was all set to buy her last night but I had to be responsible and say that we had to pay our cable/internet/phone bill. He said he’d give me the difference and I can go a little crazy at the 50% EVERYTHING sale at the LYS this weekend. AND I’ll still get my doll but I’ll have to delay gratification a little longer. I’m happy with that. He is a sweetheart and I know he’d buy me the stars if he could. I’ll settle for him though.

Speaking of settling, I know it’s only July. Christmas is 5 months and 1 day away. Every year I declare, “I’m doing a handmade Christmas”. The next thing I know it’s Thanksgiving and I have nothing to show. This year will be different because I already know what I’m knitting, (or making), for everyone. So to prove my allegiance with holiday knitting, (which I never do, though I say I will), I will give you proof. Once this is typed, I promise not to delete or edit in anyway. Later you can say if I did, or didn’t, stick to the plan.

  • Shawn: Big Thaw Pullover from the new KnitScene. I also want to put together his own stocking, but I think I will sew and embellish one rather than knit one.
  • Jem: We Call Them Pirates Skully by Hello Yarn
  • Scout: Sheldon the Turtle from Knitty, ( I want to make a little family, but I think if I start off with one, I can’t disappoint if I end up not wanting to make more than 1). And I’d like to make her the Cupcake Hat, Mittens, and Scarf setfrom “Itty Bitty Nursery Knits” for her birthday, (which is four days before Christmas).
  • Mom: I don’t know if I will knit anything for her. I was thinking about making her a twin/full size quilt. I need to work on design and fabrics first though. And time. I will need a bit of time.

As for friends and distant family, I haven’t figured it out yet. Maybe cards, jewelry, baked goods, scarves? I have to take care of my immediate family first and go from there. AND I have to figure out what to make Dalton. Can’t forget my furbaby!

So, yes. It is Christmas in July!


5 thoughts on “Christmas in July

  1. such a sweetie pie to make you feel better with yarn! so glad to see you posting and getting all excited about knitted projects again. when’s your first follow up appt with your doc? hope he/she gives you the thumbs up. i prefer knitting with skinny yarn. and i’ve looked at that book, but didn’t see anything that i loved. can’t wait to see which project you go for.

  2. sorry, that was weird. i logged into wordpress to comment on a different blog and it hasn’t logged me out of there/didn’t give me an option for my regular name/email/URL. it’s rebecca/bekka, btw.

  3. What a nice guy you have there! It’s always fun to get some nice goodies. I love working with ecological wool. And there are not a lot of ends to weave in either! I don’t even want to think about Christmas yet. Geesh!

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