A Little Something Else

I wanted to share two projects that I’ve been working on. One is completely finished, the other is underway. First is the Amy Butler Nappy Bag for a custom Etsy order. This was made using Joel Dewberry fabrics:

The nifty little cell phone pocket:

And look at all the room inside:

Overall I’m happy with the pattern and would most definitely make a bag like this for myself. It would make quite the roomy knitting bag.

And I wanted to give you a preview of my first sock design called the Hepburn Socks, named after the great Katherine Hepburn:

Let me know what you think.

I’m off to get some rest before the surgery. In about 12 hours I’ll be sitting in the hospital admissions office waiting for my turn under the knife!


9 thoughts on “A Little Something Else

  1. i have that nappy bag pattern, but never made it. did you do the changing pad, too? it does look so roomy. i’d make one for myself, and i may still do that, but i’m afraid that i’ll get 2 or 3 different diaper bags at my shower in a few months. almost hate to duplicate something that i’ll be given. but, you can’t have too many diaper bags, right?

    hope everything goes perfectly for you today. am thinking about you and hope that you’re doing fine.

  2. Oh the bag is perfect! Thanks so much for working so hard on it this week with everything you’ve got going on! Hope everything goes well today and the next few days. You’ll be in my prayers!

    And those socks are quite lovely… May have to hit you up for a pair later!!

    Thanks again! You are really very talented!

  3. Very cute bag. You are amazing. You didn’t even own a sewing machine when we were neighbors, did you?!

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