Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Done!

Pretty tame weekend around here. I can’t say anything exciting happened because it didn’t. Friday I received some goodies in the mail: fabric (to finish the quilt that’s on my banner), a new quilting magazine and some beading supplies (though those were for Shawn because he’s the ring maker, not me). I ♥ receiving packages. Saturday my Lola pattern came from Sew Liberated. I am happy to say that this pattern looks a bit easier than the previous one – there is no bias binding to deal with. I hope to start that this weekend.

The rest of the weekend was filled with napping, crafting with Jody and her kick ass mom, and celebrating Jem’s birthday. I have to say that it was very low key. I made him a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and he went swimming with Scout and my mom. The big 10. It certainly doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. But some days are longer than others!

I even had a chance to do some sock knitting. I’ve been so uninspired lately. But then, I really want to knit some socks. It’s not the yarn. It’s not the patterns. It’s me. Plain old young me. So I started these a month and a half ago. Had I not knit two hats and a cardigan for two customers on Etsy, they would have been done quite quickly I’m sure.

The infamous Monkey pattern. Definitely a favorite. Maybe because I’ve memorized it and it’s ingrained so deeply into my brain that I could knit these in my sleep? Or maybe because of the soft hand dyed yarn I bought on Etsy. The base is Louet Gems so how can I go wrong?

Looking at the heel made me realize that this yarn would be delicious as a plain pair of stockinette stitch socks with the self striping doing all the work. I have some more of Ellen’s yarn and I just ordered some more, so I’m thinking I will be doing a striped sock sooner than later.

So put me down for my one pair for the 52 Pair Plunge II and Summer of Socks. And with that I am off to figure out what pair of socks I’ll do next. I’m thinking about finishing my Mingus, but I think I need a pair that is mindless.

Mmmm, mindless…


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