I have a current obsession with Blythe Dolls. The past few weeks I’ve seen them, so I don’t know if it’s just a tend that happened to grow and cause a peak in my interest. But I’ve been on Flickr, Etsy, Ebay and every doll/collectible store checking out the different creepy bug eyed dolls, (who I admit are cute and Shawn says are “scary). People sew for them, they knit for them and they give them “makeovers”. There are Vampire Blythes, Pirate Blythes, Rockabilly Blythes, Retro Blythes. I think my eyes will bug out of my head, like the notorious little doll if I don’t get one soon.

I had a dip in my depression for about two weeks, on top of not feeling well, and these little Blythe creatures helped me pull out of it. It’s sparked interest and a bit of creativity. I’m using that energy for the good. (As in, my carpets are now clean.) Shawn said he’ll buy me my own little girl in two weeks. I have two very long weeks to decide which doll I want and what I’ll do with her. Of course, I’ve got a list the length of a football field of what I’d like.

How can you not help but become uber thoughtful on the subject after seeing them?

1. new lips and blush, 2. Untitled, 3. alluring ari, 4. Commission custom makeup, 5. Powwow Poncho – New Dress, 6. Seraphine1, 7. Vivian, 8. Alpaca Mohair Rerooted MML for Adoption, 9. Red Madness ( 1 hour left , ebay), 10. Lilac cupcake Set, 11. Strike!!, 12. Mohair girl – Custom Comission, 13. Pinks, 14. Lucy Leopard, 15. PISTACHE – custom blythe-, 16. I will miss u!

These are all customized and they are all completely gorgeous!

And the kicker? There’s a shop in the L.A. area that is stocked with these little beauties. I get my tax rebate back next week, so you know what I’m thinking, right?

Danger, danger, danger ahead!


6 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. Whoa, kinda cute, kinda creepy. I’m not sure if I love them or want to run from them. I hope whichever one you choose, it delights you.

  2. Hum! I don’t know!!! I know that I don’t need much…I mean I’m totally freaked out by ET (I think that I’m the only one) so I don’t know what to think about those dolls. Don’t you find them a little creepy? Well, some of them are cute and funny looking. Just give me some time 😉

  3. How cute!! I have another bloggy friend who is currently obsessed with these too. I’m sure I could easily join you if I let myself 😉

    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling blue (that makes two of us – is it the weather? or the moon?) but I’m glad that these little gals helped you through! Can’t wait to see which one you choose!

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