Bag Lady

Two nights ago I decided to do a little sewing. Nothing fancy. I needed wanted a new knitting bag. I love my Namaste Messenger Bag but the poor thing has been abused. The cord is actually tearing away from the straps because I’ve packed so much useless crap knitting projects in there. It simply can’t take anymore. I just wanted something simplistic. Something deep that I can cram a sweater and pattern in. So I made yet another market bag, though this one is much deeper than the kitty cat carry all I use on a daily basis. I am quite happy with the results though I had issues with the straps. Such issues nearly causes my Singer to meet her demise, though by no fault of her own. It was all user error. But once it was finished I was quite happy and I vow to be not so harsh on my machine. She did nothing wrong.

I am glad to say that I also used some stash fabric. Remember way back in September when I started to stew about becoming a serious seamstress with no sewing skills at all? I had about 2-3 yards of dark brown cord and it’s been gathering dust, (not literally), from sitting in my stash. You can only use so much brown cord, right?


For the pocket and lining fabric I used

Ginger Blossom fabrics by Sandi Henderson, for Michael Miller. (How interesting that her last post is all about Market Bag patterns she’s just made and will soon be released with a new line of fabric.) The colors were perfect for complementing the brown cord.

I love the inside but looking back, (a whole two days, I know), I think I should have used the pocket fabric and used that for the lining. I’m thinking there’s a bit too much brown.

Either way I’m happy that I have a new bag. I was never much of purse whore, but the past few years I’ve accumulated many more bags than I thought possible. I blame the knitting. Needles, yarn, patterns – it’s their fault.

My migraine has subsided a bit, with the help of Aleve. I wasn’t expecting much but I heard that Naproxen is a good pain reliever when it comes to headaches. I still seem to have a bit of a tension headache, which usually introduces himself, (notice that headaches are masculine when sewing machines are feminine?), midday. But I’m so sick of laying in bed with no light. The meds even helped yesterday once I got out of the house and went to the LYS. I ran into Jody and we had a few laughs about braids, (as in your hair), pubic hair, (don’t ask, it was her friend), alphabetizing books at the bookstore, (an employee had the nerve to ask her if she put her book back in alphabetical order), and the latest gossip that she’s missed out on. I ended up being sucked into the “you gotta have this new book right this second or you will never have an opportunity to buy it again” syndrome and grabbed me a copy of this:

Aprons are the thing now. It’s totally ok to walk out your front door wearing one, you know? I was enticed by Emmaline and then I just had to buy Lola. What would I need a whole book about aprons for? Because I can’t seem to say no to glossy covers and pretty pictures. Yeah, I’m a big fat sucker! I had a chance to delve into the patterns last night while watching Shawn at his last r/c race for the season and there are at least 6 aprons I want. Not just want. But want now. I even know what fabrics I want. Can’t wait.

But then there was some bad news. And then some good news. But I’m gonna throw the bad news in here because when you see the good news you may think that things have balanced. This morning I took the photos of my bag and something else, (you’ll see in a moment). I loaded the photos. The computer stalled twice. I restarted twice. But when I got online the second time every single one of my bookmarks, (favorites), was completely and utterly gone into computer hell oblivion!!! I’m sure you can call envision me thumping my head against the computer. Literally. Yes I thumped my head against the computer. I envisioned taking my PC and drowning it in the middle of the 7 ft. deep pool. Where they went? Couldn’t tell you. Who is using them? Don’t know that either. I did have three days of history so I went through every page I visited in the past three days and had to re-bookmark things. The problem? I don’t visit all my links every day. I’m missing a good 80% and have no idea how to go about retrieving them. I sense that my ass is going to be getting bigger and getting stuck in the chair while I sit here for hours trying to play detective. Ay yi yi.

But for the good news? Well, I’ll show you rather than tell you:

Sundara Silk Lace for the Winter Seasons club. Nuff said.


6 thoughts on “Bag Lady

  1. wow, you’ve been busy. love the brown cord bag. and what’s this about too much brown? oh, i don’t believe it. love those apron patterns you linked to. are they from the book? i have the book, too. and browsed it when it arrived a while ago, but need to pick it up again. looks like you’ll have a blast with that sundara yarn.

  2. Oh craps. That totally sucks about your bookmarks. I hope you got them all back! At least you got some yummy goodness in the mail to compensate.

    *Love* the bag!! And I agree – you can never have too much brown.

  3. Oh, that stinks about the bookmarks. I hate when things like that happen. Your new bag is very cute, and that lace is just beautiful.

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