Cardigan, that is.

I’ve been working on this every night for the past three or four nights. Just one Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky skein at a time. Not much yardage to each soft ball, about 77 yards I believe. But I feel a twinge of accomplishment when I finish each skein. It will be finished over the weekend and off to it’s rightful owner by Monday.

Here’s 4 balls progress:

Right now I’m into the 5th ball of yarn and working on the back. It’s a quick knit on 11’s and chunky yarn. And it’s remarkably lightweight. The only disappointment in the pattern is that it’s sizing is only for size Small, (in which you would need a 34-35″ bust). I would love to make this pattern for myself but I see a lot of substituting of numbers. I can’t imagine going up to a size 13 needle to make this cute little cardigan fit. In fact, truth be told I don’t really care for large needles. Insane I know. My preference is to work with 6’s. Us 9’s are usually my limit. I don’t really like working with chunky yarns either. Add one more point to my insanity card. My personal preference is to work with yarns that have recommended gauges on 5-7 needles. Chunky yarn and big needles = cheating. To me at least. I suppose that makes me much more of a process knitter than a project knitter because I’m not all about finishing it and wearing it 24 hours from cast on. All the same, I enjoy working with this pattern and yarn, (who doesn’t love working with anything Debbie Bliss?).

Anyway, I’m off to get my beauty rest. I have had a persistent migraine since last weekend and pretty much everything, and anything, I try to do only causes more pain. Shawn took tomorrow off and we are supposed to take a trip to the zoo, but the way I feel…well all I can say is Shalom.


4 thoughts on “Shalom

  1. I hope you’re feeling better soon. I certainly know that feeling, and it stinks. The Shalom sweater looks very pretty, but I tend to agree with you about chunky yarn and large needles. Have a great weekend!

  2. sorry to hear about your migraine. hope your head improves soon. had a bad one earlier this week that it took about 24 hours to shake. happy weekend at the zoo!

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