This, that and something else

If I told you that I’d been busy, you would believe me right? Yesterday was the last day of school for Jem and his counterparts. Fortunately for him, unfortunately for them. I’m certainly not ready for the “I’m bored” and “what are we doing today” drill. But he’s going to summer school in a week. Fortunately for me, unfortunately for him.

So in the midst of early dismissals and end of the year parties I’ve kept busy at home trying to get a few things done before having even less time to myself than before.

Nothing finished in knitting land, though I am … that close to finishing the Ribs and Lace Tank. Maybe this weekend? I cast on for the test knit in Noro, which I read some not so good and some great reviews on the yarn. I’d been expecting scratchy, itchy wool. While it doesn’t have the best in soft factor, it does knit nicely and the color, of course, is superb. I also checked out the new Knitty for Summer and was quite pleased that they had something for Scout’s age. I bought some Elastico for the Helena cardigan for Scout, which was what I used for the Bubblegum sweater that I made about a year ago. I also like the look of Gigi though I don’t have the models figure so it may not be as flattering for me as it is for her.

But onto the actual finishing. I finished two Icy Petal bracelets for a friend at the LYS. The first was similar to the lilac one I made myself, though I used a different accent color. I don’t have pictures to share since she picked it up after I finished attaching the clasp last night at the SnB. But I did finish the second one for her friend which is done in earth tones:

Check out Flickr for a few more shots. I really like the greens and browns together and I’m hoping they will too.

I also finished my first quilt. I can’t say I’m 100% proud because once I finished the binding there were three mistakes on there which I don’t know if I can fix. Basically on two parts of the quilt I either didn’t sew it exactly on the 1/4″ seam so it seems to have frayed away a bit. Or, the fabric just frays and that’s what I get. It is very lovely though and Scout loves it a lot. So that’s all that matters because she will always know I put a lot of love, (and a lot more fingers pricked), into this quilt. I think all in all I learned a lot and I suppose I should be 110% proud because what I’ve learned I can now apply to my second quilt, (which the top is done but for the borders and the sandwiching of layers). But see for yourself and tell me what you think:

So that’s really it for my FO’s. Like I said before I’m really hoping to get some knitting done. I haven’t been knitting as much as I’ve wanted to lately, though the beading and quilting are similarly satisfying. So are water balloons. At least Scout thinks so:

Jem and Scout had a water balloon fight yesterday. I filled a bucket of water and got them soaked. With the weather the way that it is I won’t be surprised if we do this more often. It was 83 in the house at 9 this morning. It’s getting ridiculous especially when you hear about the floods in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. My cousin lives out there. Hopefully her house hasn’t floated away.

Have a great weekend and Father’s Day out there!


7 thoughts on “This, that and something else

  1. I think it looks just great. Same thing happened on my last quilt…i missed the 1/4 inch and it separated. I fixed it with a bit of fusible web and some hand stitching. Happens to lots of us. You should be so proud! On to number 2!!!

  2. That quilt is fabulous! I’m in awe of people who can do that sort of work. And that little face – I could just squish those adorable cheeks! I hope you find some free time to do the things you love.

  3. She’s adorable! Great job on your first quilt! Those little mistakes can be fixed if you feel like doing a little hand sewing but I don’t think it’s noticeable.

  4. Awwww…. Scout is such a cutie!!

    Your projects are gorgeous and I think you should be extremely proud of your very first quilt! No one expects that your first of anything should be perfect, and the most important thing is that Scout loves it and how much love you put into it for her 😉 I think it’s fantastic and you’ll only get better and better from here on out!

    Hope you’re having a great Father’s Day with your family!

  5. love the bracelet. but that gorgeous quilt? oh, it looks perfect to me! what a great job. and fraying only give it character. hope the water balloon fight was fun!

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