Lately I’ve found myself jumping from one project to the next. I might knit for an hour but then I’m making jewelry or hand sewing the binding to my quilt, (yes, I actually started the hand sewing which is what I’ve dread the most). But it seems that the jewelry is what is most rewarding at the moment. I can churn out a bracelet in three hours. Almost instant gratification. I suppose if I could knit a sweater in three hours I’d be a legend, but I am not.

Anyway, debuting the new Lilac Petals Bracelet:

Amethyst and Light Amethsyt 6mm bicones; Silver glass pearls; Size 15 seed beads in lilac and silver; 2mm silver ball beads and a sterling silver floral toggle clasp.

Once I made one, I had to buy the supplies and make another. I made this one the day Oliver died just to keep myself busy and of course, it being blue is my favorite.

Montana and White Opal Sky Blue 6mm bicones; 6mm rounded Hematite crystals; 2mm silver ball beads; size 15 seed beads in silver and metallic blue; silver plated heart shaped toggle clasp.

I’ve also been working on a freshwater pearl/silver/crystals necklace, but I can only give you a sneak preview because I haven’t finished it yet.

Blue, Silver and Cream freshwater pearls; Sterling silver findings; Square Smoky Quartz crystal; Crystal 6mm bicone; 3 6mm rounded crystals in Montana AB; Silver chain; Sterling silver link.

I have yet to find a clasp to go with this. A lobster clasp really wouldn’t do this justice. And I have to make it a little longer, otherwise it will be worn like a choker and I can’t stand anything too tight on my neck.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. I do have some knitting photos, but I’ll save that for another post.


5 thoughts on “Shiny

  1. Oh, how gorgeous AJ. [I’ve been jumping from one project to the next too, lately… But at least I don’t have to cook dinner tonight!] 🙂

  2. How lovely! Your work is beautiful!
    I’m sorry to hear about Oliver.

    What about a magnetic clasp for your choker? They make a necklace so easy to put on and take off.

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