Mmmm K

As of late, I’ve found myself spending a lot of time on the computer for a number of reasons. Not one of those reasons has been to update my blog or read up on my favorites. Actually I’ve been spending a lot of time placing ads for a new babysitter and for finding homes for the 5 kittens that she found besides Oliver. Yes, I said 5. She said there’s 2 more out there and that they just found out that one of the mama cats, (there are two), is pregnant. Again. They are like jackrabbits reproducing the way they do!

Add that my time on Ravelry has pretty much tripled the past few days. I started a Monkey knitalong on there two days ago and we already have 93 members. I started the KAL for a couple of reasons:

1. I ♥ Cookie A and her rockin’ sock patterns.

2. Summer of Socks 2008

3. 52 Pair Plunge II

4. And because there was no other Monkey KAL

The rest of my time has been busy with more 504 meetings for Jem, in which the school is being completely unsupportive and uncooperative. With school over in two weeks I’m sure they are at a point where they don’t care. Needless to say that a week after Jem ends school he will be attending summer school. I will also be attending school, but mainly online but for the first week. I’m registered in Intermediate Algebra and Political Science, (which I’ve just realized is a bad choice in class selection due to the upcoming elections). Lucky for Scout she doesn’t need to formally start school yet. Besides, I’m convinced that I’ll be homeschooling her due to the school situation that Jem is currently in.

But don’t worry because I have been knitting. I finished the two lace caps for that lady on Etsy . They are off in the mail waiting to go to their new home, but before I sent them on their way I had Scout model them for me:

It’s so hard to photograph her now. She doesn’t just sit. An 18 month old baby on the go is not an easy subject. Neither is a 4 week old kitten who is used to his stumpy little legs:

Oliver the orphan! Getting fat and getting big. And getting a bit irritating. He meows like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Dalton is a vocal cat, that Siamese feature, but he still doesn’t meow the way Oliver does. You know Dalton, he’s just a very laid back boy:

It’s rough, ain’t it?

But Ravelry has also brought on an exciting new project. I’m test knitting for Tine Whitmore of KnitWhits. It’s a cabled cardigan and I’ll using Noro. But get this. I’ve never worked with Noro. I’ve always admired the colors but I’ve never had a project that really used that type of yarn. If you check out Little Knits you will find some great discounts, which is wear I got the Noro. Very pretty colors too:

So as you can imagine, I’m very excited because I’ve been wanting to do some test knitting but I didn’t know how to go about it. Luckily there is a Test Knitters group on Ravelry. Success!

Meanwhile I’m working on my Monkey socks and hope to finish them before the Summer of Socks and 52 Pair Plunge start. I also cast on for the Ribs and Lace Tank from IK Spring 2007. I really like the feel of the Karabella 8. I can see myself using this yarn a lot in the future.

Weekend Plans: Saturday is another jewelry making class where I’ll be making a Crystal and Pearl Bracelet at the local bead shop. Sunday I’m going to finish sewing the quilt binding by hand. I just have to whipstitch the edges and I’ll be ready to start quilting the second quilt top I made. I’ll have plenty of pictures in a few days. So, til then! Ciao!


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