Cobblestone, finally

The Cobblestone sweater has been done for a week or so, but we didn’t take pictures until now. With the weather and it’s dramatic changes, yesterday seemed to be a perfect day to not only take pictures but wear the sweaters. In fact, I wore my Tilted Duster. Shawn wore his Cobblestone. Jem wore one of the sweaters I made for him a few years ago. We were a sweater wearing family. All but for Scout, since she had on a long sleeved shirt.

So, with that said here’s to debuting the Cobblestone:

Cobblestone by Jared Flood of Brooklyntweed

Yarn: Mirasol Project Cotanani, used about 11-12 skeins, (I was bad and didn’t keep track)

Needles: US 7’s, circulars

Mods: Instead of knitting 4 rows in the round, I did a K, P, K, P for the neck edge so that it would lay flat, rather than be rolled.

While I love the end result I have to say that part of the process in knitting this was a bit of a pain. The yoke was the most difficult part. When it came to short rows I didn’t seem to be the only person to have problems. With sock knitting you have short rows but you normally pick up the wraps. With the sweater you don’t pick up the wraps and it causes you to have gaping holes. I had to go back and tighten up the holes when I did the seaming/finishing.

Something else I didn’t like: After picking up the sleeve stitches when joining for the yoke, you have to go back and seam the underarm by Kitchener Stitch. In my opinion, I don’t think it’s such a great technique. It just didn’t seem sturdy enough for me. So, I went back and re-seamed everything so that it would be durable.

All in all, it was a good project. The yarn was delicious to work with. If you’ve never heard of the Mirasol Project you should definitely check out their website and read their cause. And of course, you must try their yarns. Absolutely beautiful yarns. Gorgeous color. (The downside is that the yardage isn’t all that great, though it is priced right. Of course if you want to get a discount you should check out this great online yarn shop that sells the yarn by the bag at a great price!)

I also worked on, and finished, the Lace Cap from Knitty. I still have one more, in purple, to do this week, but here’s the progress I made on the white before deciding to finish it up this evening:

Lace Cap by Adrienne Robson for Knitty, Summer 2003

Yarn: Elann Peruvian Baby Lace Merino, double stranded

Needles: US 3, though I think while I got gauge, the cap runs a little small, (or maybe my brains are so big that my head had to grow to accomodate them)

Fairly quick knit, but when it’s for someone else, (and someone you don’t know), it’s not as motivating. That and this weekend I’ve felt pretty sick. I was supposed to go to the LYS yesterday but I just wasn’t feeling it. Shawn, his friend and his wife, and I went bowling last night and I felt ok. But when I got up this morning and started to clean up a bit, I felt completely blah again. I’ve watched three episodes of “Murder, She Wrote”, three episodes of “Matlock”, and am currently keeping up with the “Fresh Price of Bel Air” marathon while knitting. I still have a lot to do this weekend so I better get to it.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!


5 thoughts on “Cobblestone, finally

  1. looks lovely. yeah, i had multiple issues with the short rows. had to frog several times. it was so frustrating. not certain i’d make a second of these despite really liking the finished project. your post reminds me that i never posted any photos of ian modeling his completed cobblestone. and it was cool enough that he wore it about 3 or 4 weeks ago. i think he likes it!

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