And Then There Were Some

There was some sunshine. There was some traffic. There were some strawberries. Lots of strawberries. We made it down to the Oxnard Strawberry Festival on Saturday and had a blast. Unfortunately it’s been about 105 degrees out the past few days so it was a pretty hot day to be under the sun for hours. Our shoulders are proof! But we had a great time eating, (I had the best BBQ tri tip sandwich I’ve ever had), looking at the hundreds of arts and crafts booths and of course, enjoying the strawberries! Especially the funnel cakes with strawberries:

Shawn thought we should share one. Who was he kidding?

Scout enjoyed the whipped cream more than anything:

There were a number of people who passed by and commented on her curls too! Sweat and heat cause tremendous curls. For the both of us!

This is my favorite picture of her from the fair:

Don’t let the cuteness deceive you though. After finishing the strawberry somehow the juices got all over my brand spanking new white babydoll top. I have a true mess maker on my hands.

Yesterday I spent part of the day at the LYS working on these:

Another pair of Cookie’s Monkey socks. The original plan had been to start another top. But with this heat I can’t carry around a hefty cabled sweater. I am still working on the edging for the bed jacket, but only at home. Not that a pair of 100% merino wool socks are appropriate for this weather but they are easy to transport and that’s what I’m looking for now. The yarn is the handdyed Louet Gems from SunnySideEllen.

We also got some swim time in. I finished the quilting on the blanket, but still have the binding to do. I’ve been busy with a few Alchemy orders on Etsy and selling some stash on eBay. Unfortunately we had a death in the family so I’ll be on hiatus for a couple of days. That’s life, right?

But the rest of the weekend we enjoyed hanging with family and even got Scout in the pool for a while. She’s been such a happy camper the past week or so, life has been a bit easier to deal with. Especially with having our new kitten to the family. By the way, he’s doing great! My mom found the rest of the litter. Apparently momma cat decided to dump our little guy because he’s a runt. The other kittens are big and running around. He’s not running, but he does walk around. He loves to suckle on your finger and climb onto your shoulders. I’ve decided to name him Oliver. Like Oliver Twist? Even Shawn likes him though he won’t admit it. And Scout, well she ♥ him. It’s hard to teach an 18 month old that she can’t play with the baby. What does she think of all of this? Well, you tell me.

Happy Monday everyone! I hope to get back to you all sooner than planned. If not, have a great week and Memorial Day weekend!


5 thoughts on “And Then There Were Some

  1. those funnel cakes look awesome. hope you had a good time at the festival, other than all the eating! and swimming. i’m so envious. i ache to be in a pool. have to wait until next week, when all the pools in my part of the world open after memorial day.

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