A Small Glance

I nearly didn’t make it to my quilting class yesterday, (the third and final), because our babysitter backed out an hour before class. But do you know how good a guy Shawn is? He rushed home to watch Scout so I could finish the class. He knew how much it meant to me and that I wouldn’t have a chance to finish this class for a few weeks because our instructor wouldn’t be teaching this particular class for a few more months. I was only 10 minutes late. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate him coming home. I know that what I learned in this last class was by far the most important of the three sessions. I really couldn’t have afforded to miss this class. And I didn’t.

Our instructor told us that we would average about 6 hours of actual quilting. We practiced the binding, (which while I found some good tutorials online, it still wasn’t enough to make me understand it 100%), and quilting. Then we basted all three layers together.

So far I’ve gotten in about an 1 1/2 hours of actual quilting time in. There are a few small mistakes. Mistakes that you would never see if you weren’t actually looking for them. All the same, I am quickly learning from my mistakes and I’m happy with the “end result” so to speak. I still have a bit to do with the quilting. And then the binding. But I thought I’d share with you what’s been consuming my life lately:

It’s interesting to see a project go from nothing to something. It’s quite similar to knitting, though this quilting this is all new to me.

In knitting news, it’s 1:54 a.m., (insomnia has really been kicking my butt), and I just finished weaving in the ends to Shawn’s Cobblestone. I went to the LYS to get a little knitting in. I only needed about 5 more inches of the yoke to do. So when I got home I sat down, brought out the knitting, watched “Murder, She Wrote” and knit. Of course, I got far enough that I couldn’t put it down and wait til tomorrow to do the finishing.

No. It’s done. Tomorrow? Tomorrow I will start something new. I’m thinking of a pretty yellow sundress for Scout. Maybe a dark brown Swallowtail Shawl in Misti Alpaca. Or maybe I’ll just work on the rest of the bed jacket that I promised I’d finish once I was done with the two sweaters I just finished. Can you imagine? Having finished three sweaters in three weeks? I might have to make it happen so you will believe me.

Good night. And good morning.


4 thoughts on “A Small Glance

  1. Your quilt is looking very good. I looked on Internet and I can’t find quilting class in Montreal. So now I’m at making the quilt sandwich. I’m happy that I asked for some advice on my blog and on flickr…I now have many “private teachers” that can asnwer my questions. I can’t wait to see your finished quilt. Take care xox

  2. What a good guy! I like the quilt! Don’t feel bad about any mistakes. That’s what handmade quilts are for! You’ll get better and better!

  3. you are too much! three sweaters in three weeks! wow. and i love your quilt. the colors look so nice together. i’m glad you made it to your class. otherwise, oh, i hate it when i have to put a project on hiatus. that is, when i’m really really interested in it, that’s about the worst thing.

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