And the winner is…

I wrote all of your names on scraps of paper and threw them into a big bowl:

And then I picked one name:

Congratulations Wendy!!! Shoot me an email with your address and your color preference and your set will be on the way!

Thanks for all of your advice. I will be updating my shop sometime next week with a variety of sets if you are interested. Next week I’m having another contest, so be sure to check in.

Lots of new things going on:

  • I’m finishing up the hood on the Central Park Hoodie
  • There’s a 50% off sale at my LYS.
  • Friends of ours are moving to our unit so we are having a “moving” party/bbq.
  • The Cowboy Festival starts this week and we are going on Sunday.
  • I am … that close to finishing up the Doll Quilt for a swap.
  • I’m thinking about knitting these for no other reason than I think that they are cute.
  • Tomorrow Scout and I are (finally) attending our first SCV Moms Group for breakfast.
  • I “found” my comfort journal that I started, oh about two years ago, and decided it was high time to start working on it. (I have some exciting photos to share!)
  • My mom has a boyfriend! (At first I thought eewww, afterall she is my mom. But then I realized she’s a lot happier lately, so maybe this is a good thing?)

I finally feel like I’m settling into Spring though it will be a matter of time, (a short, short time), and I’ll be cooping myself inside the 72 degree apartment so I can get a little reprieve from the 110 degree outside temps. I do look forward to summer for one reason: Scout has turned into a fishy daredevil and is now jumping in the pool all by her lonesome. We have to ditch the canopy boat from last summer and settle with a floating device that I can put in or over her swimsuit. There’s no way she’s not going to swim. She was a born fish. Sometimes a born monkey.

Ah, Monkey Face.


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