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I need a little bit of shop advice. And I’ll be holding a teeny weeny little contest where you can win a set of the following:

These are the matching bobby pins to go with the pearl cluster earrings I made for a custom order on Etsy. I like them so much that I decided I will most definitely make sets, (of 6), for my shop. But I don’t know what a reasonable price is. The bobby pin and the pearls don’t cost very much per dozen. BUT, the wire does. It’s half square sterling silver and is a little pricey by the yard. And since I don’t wear much more than a hair clip in my hair, I have no idea what a good selling price would be.

So for those of you who do wear hair goodies, what do you think a good price is?

Just leave me a comment and I will not only send you a set of (6) bobby pins I will also send you a matching set of pearl cluster earrings, the color of your choice. Comments need to be made before Wednesday 10:30 p.m. Pacific Time. Ask your friends too, I need some input and feedback on these simple little things.


13 thoughts on “Shop Advice

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  2. Hmm, can you make it with non-sterling? My concern would be the sterling will pit quickly because of hairspray. That said, I guess if it was for a special occasion and I only planned to wear them once, I would pay $12-$15 for them. But if I wanted to wear them more often, I’d only want to pay $5-6. They are lovely, though!

  3. I agree with others who already left a comment here that $5-$8 would be about what I would pay for these. They are very pretty, but I too would worry about the hairspray issue. Have you tested them out?

  4. I would say 5-8 also but I would change your packaging and sell them in sets of two. I buy many hand-crafted bobby pins and I pay about 3.50-5 for 2 which I think is a fair price. Those are very pretty!

  5. If this is about making a few bucks, then I would approach it by thinking in terms of how much it costs you for the items, then how long it takes to make them. You will want it to be about creating beautiful pieces to share with others, but also making sure to make it worth your while to make them. Depending on your cost, and keeping the price within reason, I would try to double or triple the cost of the items used in the product as your price point. For example, if the items cost $.50 per pin to make, then charge $2 or so per pin. So $5 for a set of 2 would be more than fair or even $10 for a set of 4 and so on.

    They are lovely and unique! Best of luck!

  6. Very pretty bobby pins. I would prabably pay something like 8$ for a cute set like that! The problem with me a bobby pins is that I always forget them somewhere, my cat pushes them on the floor and the dog plays with them. It’s the destruction cycle right there for all of my hair accessories šŸ˜‰

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