It sounds like a bad word

Mingus. Doesn’t it sound dirty? Yesterday I asked Shawn to grab my knitting pattern off the dining room table. He looked at it and asked me, “The ‘Mingus’ pattern?” and then raised his eyebrows at me. It does sound dirty. Anyway, I started the sock on Friday and haven’t had much time to work on it. I’ve been trying to rotate my patterns so I can get a little done on each thing. I had a fairly busy weekend and I did get a lot done. But I did make some headway and I can happily say that I really enjoy making these socks, (except for when Scout pulls out a DPN, then it’s not so fun).

I ♥ the yarn. I adore the color. It’s not often I can find the perfect shade of yellow. I love “buttercup” yellow. And this definitely fits the bill.

The sock is actually coming along quickly, amidst the other projects I worked on over the weekend. It’s a 32 row repeat of lace and KTBL, (knitting through the back loop). I’m about halfway through the second 32 row repeat and then onto the heel. My goal is to have them done in two weeks. I don’t know why two weeks. It just sounded good. It’s been a while since I’ve finished a pair of socks. Finished anything for that matter!

I did some sewing this weekend as well. I learned to sew a zipper. I learned that I shouldn’t cut the zipper too short. Therefore there are no photos. Maybe when I can actually get it perfectly right. Then there will be photos. I’ve managed to make a zipper pouch, which Jem said he’ll leave his Gameboy in, (that will last maybe a minute), and pin a pair of old flannel jammies so that I can make them shorts rather than too short pants. I still need to finish the doll quilt and get that off in the mail and maybe I can finish Scout’s dress soon. I only have the back bib, the waistband and the straps to do. I think I’ll make that tomorrow’s goal.

Scout decided to do little Singer exploring today, which makes me realize all the more that I really need my own sewing space and new machine. In fact, Shawn is buying me a new machine. Like most people who sew, I would ♥ a Bernina, but it’s simply not in the budget. I mean, for a nice one it would cost at least two months rent. So I’ve decided on the Singer Curvy. I went to JoAnn’s a did some browsing. The saleswoman really wasn’t all that knowledgable, luckily we could turn to the internet and get all the stats. This machine is supposed to be debuted on the Martha Stewart Show in the next couple of weeks, so they don’t even carry them in stock yet. BUT, I did find a number of them online for around $300. (Some shops have them at $500 and others at $795 so it’s hard to find out what the real retail price is on this particular model.) What I look forward to on this machine? It’s threading system and it’s drop in bobbin. It has a lot of stitches that I don’t need and probably won’t use, but it’s still more than the six basic ones I have on mine. Plus I think I will fare better with a newer, (non touchy), machine when I start my quilt class. I’ve been told that if my bobbin is touchy that I will have a problem with doing the machine quilting. I’d like to not have those problems. So I can hardly contain my excitement, but I’ll try. Maybe I’ll give this machine to Scout when she gets to be a big girl, she likes the shiny and pointy stuff on it:

Part of the weekend we enjoyed a bit of gloom. It doesn’t happen often but it was a nice cool down. We needed a break from the 90 degree weather. I had a chance to stop by the LYS as they were having a 50% off sale that I knew nothing about, (what’s worse is I have no money right now since we are saving for next weekends excursion). I had just enough to buy two skeins of the Cascade 220 I’m using for the Central Park Hoodie. Lucky for me, she thought they only had one in stock and I knew one wouldn’t be enough to finish the sleeves and the hood and the bands. She had two. And three more in the back. I also decided that on Sunday, the last day of the sale, I’ll mosey on in and grab some more 220. Shawn deserves his Cobblestone. And I deserve to enjoy knitting it, which wasn’t happening with that crappy Michael’s yarn. (I have become a complete yarn snob. I can accept it, because for such a long time I didn’t know what good yarn was and now I’ve seen the light!!!) They have a beautiful brown in the Heathers collection and I think that would make a great sweater. Lucky him. It’s the least I can do. As for the CPH, I’m about 75% done on the sleeves. Then I can do a little finishing and get onto the hood. I’ve only done a hood once before but I’m confident I won’t have problems.

So for the rest of the week I might be a little scarce. I have a few swaps to finish up, a few Alchemy requests I’m working on, (yay), and a field trip to attend with Jem, (the day after a dental extraction). I also have a dinner meetup with one of the Santa Clarita moms groups I’m in, (I’ve had to cancel nearly every other time because of something), a Joan of Arc paper to help Jem with, and the Cowboy Festival this weekend. Next week will be worse. Doctors appointments, quilting class, college counselors, (I’m thinking of enrolling in a German class at the local community college), buying a new DVD player, getting iPod fixed…

Guess I better get started.


4 thoughts on “It sounds like a bad word

  1. i dunno so much that mingus sounds dirty. i’ve not had too much zipper sewing experience but it sounds like yours came out in the end! that singer sounds great. and the difference in prices is weird. maybe the pricey one’s include warranty? you’re having a dental extraction? oh no. the cowboy festival sounds fun. be sure to take lots of photos!

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