Busy as a Bee

It seems that the spring weather, (which in truth is more like the beginning of summer because we’ve been hitting the high 80’s and 90’s here in Southern California), has been a reason to start getting busy. (Not that I ever had a reprieve from being busy.) I’ve been hanging around on Etsy a lot. All the amazing and talented people inspire me. If ever I need reason to keep plugging along with the 100% Wool sweater that I won’t wear til late October, Etsy is it. (I am nearly done with the sleeves of the CPH but I’m disappointed that the weather has been too warm that I probably won’t get to wear it any time soon.)

So in the midst of a few rows here and there, (I admit I haven’t been knitting as much lately, due to all the other projects going on), I bid on Alchemy, (which if you have never heard of it, basically you can post a project request and Etsy members can bid on making the project for you, how cool is that?), for a custom made tote like the one I made myself a few months back. This time it was M, I, C, (see you real soon), K, E, Y, (why? because we like you), M-O-U-S-EEEEEE. Yeah, Mickey Mouse:

I like this inside lining myself:

The bag was pretty easy to whip up, took maybe 2 hours if that. But there was a struggle with my Singer. I have been pining away, hoping and wishing, (and even some late night praying), that I will just come into say $3,000 and then I can get a state of the art Bernina. Well, let’s face it. If I had $3,000 I wouldn’t buy a sewing machine, (too many bills). But the idea is a beautiful one. The fact is that my mom rarely used the machine but to hem and make a few repairs. The bobbin is touchy. The bobbin winder is touchy. What to do? I’d love to think a new sewing machine were in the future, but I doubt it will be that near. Either way, I pushed through and got the bag done and I think it looks great. I’m hoping she will too.

So all the other things on my to do list this weekend:

  1. Finish custom order of pearl earrings, (done), and hairpins.
  2. Send tote bag to it’s rightful owner.
  3. Finish backing for doll quilt and send to it’s very patient owner.
  4. Work on Mingus, (I started lastnight and worked on it til 2 a.m. I’m obsessed!)
  5. Alter a journal for a swap I am in.

I won’t add my list of housework. You’d be here for quite a while. I am thinking I might put another coat of paint on in the kids room. The wall where Jem’s bed is, is quite icky. (He tends to put his feet on the wall when reading or playing on his Gameboy.) And I have a little dresser that needs to be stripped and painted. And I need to finish up Scout’s Valentine’s Day. Maybe if I don’t sleep all weekend I can get it done?


4 thoughts on “Busy as a Bee

  1. I dream of a Bernina too, but um, that is so NOT in my budget. I settled for a way less expensive machine, and I’m pleased. Maybe one day…
    Your tote is adorable 🙂

  2. I really like the tote. So cute!!

    I do have a Bernina and I love it BUT I think if you love sewing, there are so many sewing machines out there that will work fantastically. I actually really like some of the Brothers and they are only around $200 – $400. I helped my neighbor pick out one and I’m quite envious of how light and easy it was to use.

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