Spring break is officially over. Jem is back in school, (Thank God). Shawn is out of town, (he’s finally coming home tomorrow). Scout is taking a nap, (much needed).

I don’t really have much to say today, so I thought I’d give you a glimpse at my bulletin board. It’s not as cluttered as it normally should be. Every few months or so I sort through pictures, cards, patterns, etc. And sometimes I throw them out or put them in my little treasure box. Other times I just add new stuff.

A Dotee doll I received in a swap, a postcard of Chicago from a swap pal, and a lock of Scout’s hair.

The “Ewe Bitch” sign that Shawn made for my shop (he even drew little stitch markers that dangle), the Cowboy Festival booklet with one free ticket, (the cowboys go to Jem’s school every year and give free tickets for one days admission, we are going next weekend), a small portion of a postcard from Felicia over at Fluffy Flowers, and a comic clipping from Get Fuzzy. (I ♥ Get Fuzzy, he reminds me of Dalton.)

The Pointy Kitty pattern by Hilary, another Get Fuzzy clipping, a newspaper clipping of a cat with his face stuck in the fishbowl that my mom gave me, (I’m not sure what she was hinting too), the mobile I received from the Mobile Swap that I have yet to hang in my room, the skeleton I painted for the door for Halloween and a plastic bag. The bag actually has a caricature in it from Magic Mountain, circa 2002.

Two pictures. The one on the left is a picture of our old dog, Ruff. He was a Miniature Australin Shepherd, red merle with one blue eye and one brown eye. He lived a good 13 years but we had to put him down in 2004. I miss him. And this was one of my favorite pix of him hanging out on my bed when I was a kid. The other picture is from 1997. Yeah, that’s me. A fresh faced 16 year old with a couple of drag nuns. Actually this was taken at the Pasadena AIDS/POSADA walk. I had to get a picture. Their make up was so rockin’. My homeroom teacher, (this was a community service thing I joined), liked the picture so much, (and the event), that she submitted this picture into our High School yearbook. Yes, I’m in the yearbook with drag queens.

A Moo card from Felicia, someone’s business card, some plastic grid template, a partial shot of the little drawing Shawn drew that says “Shawn ♥ AJ”, and a picture of Scout a few days after she was born.

There are still a number of things I want to add onto here, maybe I’ll do that later.

Today was been filled with cleaning and organizing and it feels good. I just got out of the shower and now I can sit and do what I want. Last night I had a chance to do a couple little things I wanted, like finishing this:

It would have been done the other night except I ran out of the Jet Nut crystals so I had to pick some up yesterday. Along with a few other things, wink wink. This is a three strand bracelet made with Swarovski crystals, (both bicones and rounded), and sterling silver spacers and bead caps. The colors, (I believe), are Jet Nut, Crystal, Montana, Golden Shadow and Aquamarine. I am thinking I will keep this one. But possibly make one for the shop. I haven’t decided. I just now it will look great with a pair of jeans!

We also had a chance to jump in the pool this week. I went in on Sunday, and though it was cold, it was refreshing. Scout had a chance to swim and sport her new suit:

She’s a little fish. I wish she’d realize that she can’t just jump in on her own. She has absolutely no use for her little canopy boat that we got her last year. This year it’s looking like I’ll be buying floaties. She just steps right in. Jem on the other hand? If he could go swimming every day of the year he would. How they both went swimming yesterday was beyond me. It was a warm spring day here, but not that warm.

I feel summer approaching…


2 thoughts on “Board

  1. oh look at your mini aussie. i didn’t know there were mini aussies. i love that merle coloring. i have an aussie shep. friend at the farm where i ride. she’s called sunny and is so whiny and always wanting to be petted. but she didn’t like me at first and snapped at me when i went to pet her. so i warn others away from her, but she and i are old pals now.

    and your darling fish! Scout is such a gorgeous baby. and it’s warm enough for y’all to be in a pool? we had a cold spell and it’s barely in the 60s again. i hope it was the last cold spell.

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