Hop, Hop, Hop down the bunny trail

I am over a month late for the mobile swap so late night I sat my butt down and reworked the original design I had in mind, which really wasn’t the first original design. It was more like the seventh. After checking out all the gorgeous mobiles in the group, I had to change my design. There were already a number of bird mobiles and I wanted something a little different for my poor swap partner who I am sure has been waiting impatiently.

I had actually cut the fabric for the birds and some pretty little flowers and then somehow, all the cut fabric disappeared. (Even after doing a major clean sweeping of the house the other day and today, still nothing.) But the other day I picked up the fabric for the quilt I’ll hopefully be making, (successfully of course), and I saw some felt and I thought, “Huh, I can use this”. At the time I didn’t know what for. But this is what I came up with after watching the first three episodes of Dexter on Demand, (gotta love cable, right?):

They are little bunnies, but really when I look at them they look like long eared pigs. I shouldn’t have used button noses, but they were too cute. This is kind of my first attempt at embroidery. When I was little I did a bit of cross stitch but that was back in the day when they used to put the patterns on the cloth. All I did was add the color you know? When I was about 15 I did a great Precious Moments pattern, (on my own), but I don’t know what happened to it or the pattern book. I guess that’s what happens when you move around a lot, you simply lose track. And I admit, over the past year I’ve wanted to dabble a bit in cross stitch, but really I already have too much on my plate. (Lucky for me that my DMC floss stash hasn’t diminished much. Thanks to that friendship bracelets phase!)

Anywhoo, those are my little bunnies and this one is my fave:

I love the grey, pink and white combo. All that’s left to do is string them with fishing wire onto the hoop and get that package out ASAP.

I have some big plans ahead that just might involve some of you who are interested. One being that I will need test knitters for my sock pattern. I’m just wrapping up the pattern and notes, so it will be about a week or two before I need anyone. But if you are interested let me know. I can’t provide yarn for the project, but I can provide $10 gift certificates to an online yarn shop to help recoup, (unless you want to use your stash). Maybe one day when I’m a rich and famous designer I can send bags and bags of yarn to you all, until then I am claiming poverty. Well, something like it.

Another is a new swap group for those that were flaked on in the Sock It To Me Twice swap. I’m sorry to say that the second round I hosted had a large number of flakers. This will be a small and special little group and anyone I know personally, (from blogs and life), are welcome to join. Details will follow probably in the beginning of May.

And I have a few giveaways planned. So if you are in need of crochet hook or knitting needle holders, BEWARE. There will also be a knitting bag or two given away. So if you like contests, keep reading. I have to lure you all in somehow right, it can’t possibly be just my charm that brings you all back?

Til then. Happy Monday.


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