Tattoos, Tulips & Trouble

As you can see, today’s post is brought to you by the letter T.

I’ll start the bad and work towards the good. Yesterday, Jem was suspended from school. I can’t say I wasn’t suprised. Wednesday night we all went out to dinner. When I mentioned that Shawn and I were getting tattoos on Thursday night, Jem asks, “Oh, so I’m still going on school?” I then asked him why he thought he wouldn’t go because he got in trouble. What kind of trouble? Some “friends” of his dared him and his other “friend” to kiss one of the girls in their classroom. Well, Jem assisted his friend in pinning this little girl down. The school says it’s considered, “sexual assualt”. (While I understand the schools view on this, I also think they are overstepping certain boundaries because 10 years ago this would have been considered a normal act.) In the end, Jem has been suspended for a day and a half. But his punishment is so not over. After I had to pick him up from school we had a little trip to the Sheriff’s Station. Nothing like getting the shit scared out of you. Hopefully it stuck. Especially when the Sgt. told Jem that he is a friend of the principals and that he will be checking up on him. That was my last resort.

So after a stressful, and somewhat painful day, (because really who wants to think that their 9 year old son is a potential sexual predator?), Shawn and I went to get some physical pain. I know, I know why trade in? Well we’ve been waiting to get new tattoos for a while, so that’s what we did. And I think the tattoo artist, (his name is “Boogie”, LOL), did an excellent job. How, though, did I end up sitting in the chair for 2 1/2 hours while Shawn was only in the chair for about 40 minutes, (if that)?


My naughty nun. I know, not quite so appropriate for Easter. Eventually there will be an angel pin up sitting on clouds on the other side of this leg. I love it! And everyone who saw it really liked it and kept asking me where I got the artwork. (Didn’t know I liked pin up girls, did you? Or tattoos?) Shawn had an outline of a cross on his leg that never was finished, so he had some skulls put in the middle.

On the brighter side of things, I went fabric shopping and picked up a copy of Lotta Jansdotters “Simple Sewing” and a couple yards of some new Michael Miller fabrics. I recently found out that Sandi from Portabellopixie had been signed on with MM and has her own fabric line out now. I ♥ her stuff! I also went grocery shopping and bought a small bunch of planted tulips:


So Happy Easter and Happy Spring everyone.


3 thoughts on “Tattoos, Tulips & Trouble

  1. I understand your “challenges” with Jem. It does get better.

    I love the art work! The tulips are so pretty!

    Happy Easter to all your clan!

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