Spring Colors

It seems that everyone out there in blogland is experiencing an early spring. Didn’t the groundhog predict a late spring? More winter? While I love spring, I have to contradict myself because I dislike spring as well. Why? Because here in sunny Southern California our the heatwave will start early. I’m still paying off last summer’s engery bill. It just gets too hot. A musty, dusty, dry heat. I am not prepared to stop knitting with wool. I don’t want to trade in my beloved wool for breezy, stretchy cottons. I’m not prepared to put down my DPN’s.

But, I am prepared to show you some of my “spring-ish” yarns. Spring only in the sense of colors.

Like this Smooshy yarn from Dream In Color, which I’ll be using for Cookie A.’s “Mingus” pattern:


This colorway is called Butter Peeps. And it took me three online shops to find it because everyone else is sold out. You can go here and find a great selection of colors.

When ordering this, I also picked up a skein of Cherry Tree Hill in their new Dove colorway:


I’ve never used their yarn before but this is definitely destined for good things.

In the mail I also received another order fromSunnySideEllen and as always, it’s beautiful:


The colorway is Cafe Mocha and it was a special order. I’d seen the color on her etsy shop before, but someone nabbed the yarn from right under me. Luckily she was kind enough to make some for me too. The Louet Gems is super soft and I have to say that the yarn kind of reminds me those little ice cream sundaes elementary schools would give for desserts. Yum.

I’m steadily working on my Henley Perfected though through user error, I knit an extra 5″ of lace pattern on the back. What I was thinking? I don’t know. So I have frogged a bit and am now at the area to do the armhole shaping. Imagine that. I could have already been done had my project not snafu’d. (Yes, snafu.)

I have a little sewing underway. A little hand embroidery. Another pretty bracelet this time incorporating pearls into the mix. A “to do” list of many Spring Cleaning projects. I’m just keeping my head above water. I hope for less busy days where I can put my feet up and relax, take in the surroundings and hope that Spring is a little late around here this year.

By the way, the new Knitty is up. And of course I am interested in Mosey. I’m so not ready for spring!


3 thoughts on “Spring Colors

  1. Out here it’s our winter heating bills that are killer! But still, I’d take chilly over hot weather without hesitation. Summer is hard! But you’ll manage to keep knitting 😉

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