All Snuggly

I know most of you know about my journey on embarking how to sew. Well, at least the frustrations. Sewing is not easy. Sewing isn’t really even just sewing. It’s cutting templates, measuring, ironing, measuring, washing fabric, measuring. The reality is simple – there is very little sewing involved in the actual process of making an item. It’s not like knitting where you are constantly making stitches into a fabric. No, using the machine is such a little part of that process.

So I’m sure a few of you could understand my frustration that little hands have touched and tortured played with the pretty little shiny knobs and buttons. And you could understand my frustration that it seems ever since I got home from the hospital my common sense button doesn’t seem to be working. As knitters, you swatch for gauge. This can certainly solve many problems before working relentlessy on a pattern and then realizing, “Oh, I could make a tent out of this!”. No. With sewing you should always put a practice piece in, just to make sure your tension is correct.

Well I didn’t. Two halves of the blanket later I realized my bobbin thread was way off kilter. Do you know what it’s like to take a tiny seam ripper and rip out thousands of stitches. There is no knitting equivalent to 12 stitches to the inch with machine quilting thread. None. That night I dove right in and got nothing but trouble.

I eventually did get the stitches out and tried again. This time, success! It certainly wasn’t the easiest thing, but I’m happy that I finally  got Scout’s blanket done, considering I’d started it right before Christmas and that was the time I broke the gear shift.

And it looks like Scout likes her blankie too:


The fleece and linen Pooh Bear I got from the fabric collection that JoAnn’s carries. And the blue/yellow/white plaid cotton is from Beverly’s Fabrics.

My new mission: Find the pearl/crystal bracelet I was working on because Scout took and hid it. I’ve already checked the toilet, under the couches, in between the couch cushions, behind the DVD and bookshelves, in my yarn stash, in the garbage, in the laundry, in the washroom, behind the mattress, in the sheets/blankets, under the file cabinet, behind the computer, in my fabric stash, in all of our shoes…where else could it be?


5 thoughts on “All Snuggly

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