A Review of March

It’s only the 9th, I know. But the past few days have been a blur of chaos I tell you. My knitting has been minimal, in fact I have absolutely no updates because I’m trekking along, quite slowly, on the Henley Perfected. Though, I am close to have the back done. About another 1 1/2″ in pattern.

I am feeling better and as I’m sure you have guessed it, taking on too much at once. Yup, that’s me. I made a lovely little gift for my friend Jody’s birthday which she hasn’t picked up yet, so I can’t share that with you. I will once she gets it. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

And then I made a little something for me:


This lovely little number is called “Moonlight Roses”. I took a beading class, with absolutely no beadweaving experience, yesterday and finished it this afternoon. I love it so much that I intend on making another. And probably one or two for my Etsy. I will definitely do custom orders. This bracelet needs to be shared. I used 3mm and 4 mm Swarovski bicone crystals, number 15 Japanese seed beads and a lot of luck. I’m very happy that I took this class and have already signed for one in May. I’d like to take another in April but I’m not sure which class to take.

I’ve gotten a bit of sewing done, though not much. Well I shouldn’t say that because I finally have most of Scout’s patchwork blanket done. I need to sew the sides because I decided not to do binding. I’m not quite ready for that. Pictures to follow on that.

I admit, I have a few things to do on my “to do” list. I just ordered Emmeline by Montessori by Hand and would like to start making a couple of aprons. One for me and one for a swap friend. I also bought a copy of Mingus by Cookie. With an order of Dream in Color Smooshy. I won’t tell you the color, rather I’ll show you when my order gets here. I ordered some new Cherry Tree Hill too. Oh and some more Sunny Side Ellen. You’d think I know better since I haven’t been knitting. But I’m hoping that once I receive my fiberlicious packages that I will be inspired to cast on. Though I admittedly don’t need to cast on a new project.

I had a chance to meet my long lost sister yesterday too. Long story short, my father spread his seed a few times too many back in the day, (well before my time). I didn’t find out I had sisters, (two), until I was about 15. My eldest sister, Vicky, found me. We ended up losing touch because I moved a lot. Lo and behold she found my Myspace page and once again we got in contact. We’ve been talking for months. She’s in Chicago. My sister Mayna in Arizona. Vicky came to visit a cousin of hers in Marina del Ray, (which if my mom drives 90 mph is only about 30 minutes South of us). So we had a chance to visit and Scout got to know her Titi Vicky. I will be going back to Chicago in a couple of weeks so we have a chance to spend more time together. It will be nice. I’m excited to see my Grandma and my Uncle as well. I haven’t been home in 11 years. Much too long.

The weather has been slowly warming. Spring is coming too early though the Groundhog saw his shadow and forecasted a long winter. Not for us in California. The other night was nice enough to grill, (which we are again doing tonight)…our dinner looked quite colorful before being cooked so I had to take a snapshot:


Plus, we had a chance to hang out at the toddler park at our complex. Scout loved the slide! And just running around getting messy was too hard to resist too:


There is still a lot underway here. I have my mobile to finish for the swap, since I’m a bit late. I had hoped I could catch up, but with the surgeries and my cold it just didn’t happen. Stitch and Bitch is this week though I haven’t decided if I will go. I haven’t been feeling too right around some of the people and I don’t want to feel all funky Friday night. Baseball season is starting. Spring break is in a couple of weeks. I signed up, (finally), for a quilting class. We have mommy and me playdates coming up. A girls night out. Easter. Yeah, the list goes on and on and on…


4 thoughts on “A Review of March

  1. That is so funny, I ordered Emmeline too and I’m planning on making it this month – I found some super cute Amy Butler fabric. Great minds think alike! =)

  2. Love love love your new bracelet!! So beautiful. I adore that Emmeline pattern too and have been thinking about buying it to make for myself 🙂 Hope you’re doing well & feeling better!

  3. Swap partner here. That bracelet is amazing. I have no idea how you finish so many beautiful projects! I really am in awe. I’ll have to check back next time I need a little inspiration!

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