Bag it up!

Although I have not been knitting much, (Vicodin and counting stitches really don’t mix), I have been sewing here and there. I should say I’ve been cutting templates, pinning templates, measuring templates, cutting fabric, pinning fabric, ah you get the idea. Time at the sewing machine is minimal compared to the time of preparing everything. All the same, I enjoy it. I enjoy it enough that I finished this market bag and I ♥ it so much that I want to make a million more!


The pattern is from a Singer sewing book. At first it seemed complicated: fusible fleece and mitered corners? I did eventually figure it out after reading the pattern, that omitted a very important photo of the mitered corners, and sitting down with the fabric for an hour or two.

And the inside? I love it. I absolutely love this fabric from the moment I saw it at Beverly’s!


I ended up shortening the straps a little, due to a small mistake. If I do make this bag again, which assuredly I will, I will keep the 19″ strap length. My mom even wants me to make her one and she’s the queen of complaining and pointing out that it’s not perfect. I’ve succeeded!

I also whipped a few more fabric coasters for a swap I am in:


Note to self: cordorouy doesn’t make suitable material for coasters. I have issues with the outside seams. Next time I’ll just stick to cotton and batting.

I also started Scout’s Valentines dress the other night, though I only started the sewing last night while watching “Midsomer Murders” and “Poirot” because the Biography Channel has seen fit to pull the mystery programs off their channel, (including my all time fave “Murder, She Wrote”).


There is still a bit to do, but I’m 1/2 way there. I am not sure if I want to use the rick rack or if I want to get some lace, or eyelet, trim for the skirt. I am very hopeful that this will be finished in time for Valentine’s Day.

I went a little crazy on Etsy recently. Sheer boredom fueled my search. And then I joined an owl swap. Then I went absolutely therapy shopping for me and my swap partner. I picked up this for me:


Adorable, right? I also picked out an owl coin purse for her, two crochet owl patterns for me, a custom order baby owl for her and one for me, some more lovely yarn from SunnySideEllen in Mermaid, a beaded purse pattern made from Tahki Stacy Charles Cotton Classic and I think that’s it, but I could be wrong.

Good thing my tax return will be showing up in about a week. My priorities have been totally off kilter as far as money goes lately. I don’t know what’s with me. Do you know? If you do, please fill me in.



5 thoughts on “Bag it up!

  1. Great projects! I’m glad that you’re able to some of the things you enjoy still while you are recovering 🙂 Can’t wait to see Scout’s Valentine dress. I have a thing for Valentine’s Day!

    Hmmmm…. perchance the spending is due to those blahs we were talking about recently? I know that’s why I spend when I do! But if you ask me, sometimes we just *need* to treat ourselves 🙂

  2. Hi AJ!
    Laughed to think of you watching Midsomer Murders! It has become my guilty pleasure to watch when I am off school. It’s so cheesy and so slow when compared to something like CSI, but I started watching it because a lot of it is filmed around the market town in Oxfordshire that both my Mum and I grew up in and the village 2 miles from it that my Dad grew up in. In fact, the very first one I watched, they did some filming at the village centre (they made it into a library) and my Dad’s car is in the background! The second one I saw all the way through featured the house next door to the one my Mum was born in.

    Hope you are keeping well,
    Nic x

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