A Little Goes a Long Way

Which makes me feel somewhat productive. I think it’s my way of tricking my brain into thinking I’m doing a lot, when in reality I haven’t done anything. The past few days I’ve been working on my swap bot obligations. I really enjoy the writing swaps. I love getting mail, so long as it isn’t junk or bills. No one enjoys junk or bills, (or do they?).

I finished two Dotee dolls for my pals and I am loving these little dolls more and more:


This little gem is made with pink and brown polka dot fabric I bought from JoAnn’s, (remember my first elephant attempt? Same stuff.). I used ribbons from my scrapbook stash and did a little cross stitching on her sash. Oh and I gave her mittens.


This lady is my favorite so far. She took a little more time and effort because I used size 8 seed beads and did a little freeform. Ribbon is by Foofala, from my scrapbook stash. The fabric I bought from Beverly’s a while back. (I also made a second elephant out of this stuff, I love the teal/brown combo.)

I have been getting a little bit of rest, though I admit I should be getting more. Unfortunately I live with two messy boys and one messy girl. None of which like to clean. Or cook. So while I sit around and try to do something for me, I have been working on my socks. They are gorgeous in the handdyed yarn. I’m quite excited to be designing something of my own. And nervous. Butterflies in my stomach nervous.The truth of the matter is that I don’t think I’m that good. Yet. Yes, I can knit. Yes, I can pick up techniques fast. But designing is a completely different out of this world experience. There are lots of numbers. And boy, do I mean lots of numbers. Gauges, needle changes, pattern repeats, adjustments. It’s a slow process. I do enjoy it though. I suppose what’s more nerve wracking is will anyone want to buy my pattern? Will they enjoy the experience? Will they appreciate the hard work? Only time will tell.Aside from that I cut the template pieces to the Valentine’s Day dress for Scout. Which I’m hoping will be done by Valentine’s Day. When I read the pattern at first I thought, “how cute?”. The second time I read it I thought, “What the hell is interfacing?” . The third time I thought, “Why do I do this to myself?”. And then last night I read it. And then read it again for good measure. And then it hit me! I realized that I am complicating this project. No, it’s not a simple sew here and then here type pattern. But it’s also not the cute fuzzy I’ve learned to hate Halloween costume projects mouse I want to make for Scout. I think I just might do fine.And while I’ve been writhing in pain, trying to keep myself busy, and being hopeful for the future, nature bestowed a rainbow at the end of the day:



8 thoughts on “A Little Goes a Long Way

  1. Beautiful Rainbow! Slow down a bit and remember to look for the rainbows that happen daily.

    I love the dolls!

    Who are the socks for? Your SITMT pal? Can’t wait to hear more about them and see some pictures….

  2. I’m very sorry for that stupid question but what are Dotee dolls? I saw a lot of swaps with those cute little dolls but why are they so small and where are they from. I’m working on my craft “culture” 😉

  3. Love the dollies! And of *course* someone will love your pattern! I think most knitters realize how much work goes into a pattern 🙂 I know it will be great and I can’t wait to see it!

  4. I am the lucky recipient of the brown/polka dot Dotee. You will be pleased to know that she is happily residing with my growing collection of Dotees. (My Swap-Bot name is Mandolin50).

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