Project #2 and something sparkly

The rain has been both a blessing and a hinderance.

The blessing is that we finally have rain! We had a slight break in the rain yesterday morning, but then it came back at full force. It’s not raining right now, but supposedly we should be getting more through Wednesday. I don’t mind. I like driving in the rain. I like listening to the rain. I like the smell of the rain.

But with the rain brings a bit of a hinderance, for me at least. When it’s raining, I like to cozy up on the couch with my blankies and watch movies. I don’t really work on any of my projects. I find myself a bit lazy. Though not uninspired because I have had some great ideas stewing.

I did get a few little things done, mainly for one of the swaps I am in. I joined this Bizarre Holidays swap, for the month of February. Each person has to pick out three holidays that they would like to “celebrate” and then send a small package to help them celebrate one of the three, (or all), holidays. So along with the Dotee Doll in the previous post, I made this for my pal:


I am calling it the “Flirty” bracelet. (My pal picked “International Flirting Week” along with two others. I thought a somewhat Valentine’s themed package would be cute.)

Here’s a better picture:


I used Swarovski crystals in Rose, White Opal and Crystal. They are 4mm and 6 mm bicones. Each one is wire wrapped on base metal, (I really like base metal for the durability, but I suppose I could have used sterling silver), and is attached to 4mm jumprings. I’m thinking she will like love it!

I also did a little fabric project:


I’ve had the idea to make fabric coasters for a while, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Til now. They are a pretty popular, quick sewing project. I just used some Valentine’s prints that I had and made a couple. I’m happy to say that with this my hand sewing has gotten a bit better too!

Anyway, the rain has had me feeling a bit trapped in the house so I’ve done a bit of window shopping as well. I found a great wonderful quilt shop nearby. The women there were so friendly and helpful. They have a beginning quilting class coming up in about a week. I’m not sure if I will be able to go because I’ll still be recovering from the surgery, so if not February then I will take the March/April class.

I also decided to go on a little desk hunt. When we first moved here I had a desk. For about 5 minutes. Many years ago my mom bought me a really nice wood desk. Well, being pregnant I couldn’t help Shawn move it. He ended up breaking it. I was pretty devastated, (I think the hormones attributed to my over sensitivity). Needless to say, I’ve been looking for a desk. Though not diligently. There is a furniture store nearby that is shutting down, so I took a look there. For a fairly basic 50″ desk they wanted $386 and then another $186 for the hutch, (I need storage space too). She offered a $100 discount. That’s still pricey for a furniture store that’s closing, I think.

A few days later Scout and I checked out a place that houses antique booths! What a great find! I bought a Butterick sewing book from the 60’s-70’s for $5! They had a few knitting magazines, but not many. But I found what I’d been looking for through those booths of antique furniture, cast iron pans, gaudy jewelry from the 20’s, used quilts, dusty place settings…


Isn’t she gorgeous! ( I assume she’s a “she”.) It will be a perfect desk for the computer and sewing machine. Plus the extra storage on the hutch, (the other one only had one shelp). Guess how much? Come on, guess!

$140 for the desk and the hutch! How could I go wrong? I’m surprised someone else didn’t pick this up right away! Plus, the shop owners offer layaway! I took a deposit the next day and I should have it next week, maybe two because of the surgery. Either way I’m really happy that I found such a great desk and for a reasonable price.

In other news, well there isn’t much I guess. I’m a bit nervous about the surgery. The anxiety is terrible. We have everything planned. My mom will come over Wednesday night and then take me to the hospital Thursday morning. She will watch Scout and then Shawn will pick me up and take the day off on Friday. Saturday we have dinner plans for Shawn’s birthday, (which is actually tomorrow…the big 2-8), though I odn’t know if we will make that. The week after is when school starts and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to go. I don’t know what the pain factor will be like. So cross your fingers!

Other than that, I’m still designing a new pair of socks and am hoping to have the pattern up in two weeks. (You know, charting and writing a pattern isn’t very easy?) But it will be worth it because they are knitting up nicely!

Stay warm. Stay dry.


4 thoughts on “Project #2 and something sparkly

  1. Best wishes for your surgery! Keep us all posted šŸ™‚

    What a fun sounding swap, and I love all the stuff you made for your pal. Of course, I’m a bit partial to hearts, Valentine’s stuff and PINK!

    OMG. Was that desk and hutch the best find *ever* or what? Score! I’m so happy for you šŸ™‚

    Take good care of yourself!

  2. I LOVE that bracelet! Fits in with our Flirty Apron swap, too — aren’t crystal bracelets kitchen accessories?!?

    [I accidentally left this comment on the previous post, but you know what I meant hopefully. :)]

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