a meme

My friend Maryanne tagged me for a meme and since I rarely do them, I will acquiesce her request. This meme is for 10 things you’ve done that others probably haven’t done. I don’t know if I even have 10. And I doubt I have pictures to go with them. So I’ll have to cheat and throw in a random pic because you know I hate posting without them.

  1. I was part of a wagon trail ride across Death Valley. Yup it’s true. I did this when I was 14 years old. I used to work at a horse farm, (bet you didn’t know that), and all of the workers went on this horse ride for the week. We started in the “city” of Baker and went across Death Valley in 5 days. The last 2 days we did a Prairie Days Parade for the town and hung out with the horses.  It was great! We camped, had a buffet among all the travelers, (and there were a lot of us), we swam at the club, we had horseback riding competitions, and we even found a little rottweiler puppy in the middle of the desert which we named D.O.G and brought back to the farm.
  2. I was club president of the Octagon club at my High School. The Octagon club was a club for those students who participated in community service. (At the time, the LAUSD board instilled that for those students who wanted to participated on stage for graduation, you had to work 20 hours of community service. But, I did more.) We went to the Pasadena POSADA walk, (AIDS walk), in the rain; had a BBQ for a home for those with mental impairments; took handicapped teenagers to Long Beach and went fishing; sang Christmas carols at a home for the blind; and more. It was fun. And it was very enlightening. And sometimes it was sad. But it was worth it. So much so that I was the president for my last year.
  3. Won a college scholarship. I had to write an essay on being a teen mom. My essay won and I got a $500 college scholarship, which essentially paid for a semesters worth of books! Score!
  4. Played on All Stars Softball team. I played girls softball for 7 years and earned a spot on the All Stars team. I was also asked to play on one of the night leagues and was the youngest player! (I was 14 that year.)  I played first base most of my softball career. And I had the best batting average. (I can still throw too!)
  5. I’ve met some celebrities. A lot actually. When I was a kid I met Jean Claude VanDamme, Michael J. Fox, Kirstie Alley (a few times I got to talk with her about horses, she bought two from our farm), Parker Stevenson, Michael Chiklis, Drake Hogestyn (he plays John Black on “Days of Our Lives”), Christopher Titus, Mr. T, and a few others. Am I star struck? No. They were all pretty kick ass people to meet and talk with. I did meet one who used to be on “Murphy Brown” that was a real jerk. Otherwise, I’ve been lucky!
  6. I’ve gone to prison! Not really me going to prison, but visiting is more like it. Unfortunately I have 3 friends that are in jail, life without the possibility of parole. I went to visit one in 2005 in Texas, (of all places!), and it was totally like the visits you seen on TV! But they are still friends and still people.
  7. I pet a giraffe. It’s not very often you get that close to wild or exotic animals, but there is a zoo in Mary Esther, Florida that has a very nice little zoo. Inside you can feed and pet the giraffes. It was really neat. You have walk up a flight of stairs, (duh), and you can feed the giraffes some food pellets. I wish I could have gotten close enough to the tiger, but alas I did not.
  8. I’ve been on TV. A couple of times actually. I was on the news when the department of animal regulation was trying to shut down the farm I worked at. I was also on “Knitty Gritty” right before Scout was born in 2006. I got to meet Scout, (Jamie),  from Scout’s Swag and Vickie Howell.
  9. I saved someone’s life. When I was about 9 years old my babysitter, (who was also my neighbor), had stomach pains. We tried calling her mom, but her mom thought she was faking it. The pain was so bad she couldn’t walk. So I ran to the neighbors and asked her to take us to the ER. Luckily we were in time. Her appendix were about to rupture. A few minutes late, the Dr. said, and she could have died. My mom let me stay with her the whole week of school after that! Aside from that, I worked at a Veterinarian for a very long time and was lucky enough to assist on many surgeries. I even drove a dog that was hit by a car to the Vet that I worked for at the time, (a good 15 miles away), and saved his life. (I ruined my passenger car seats.) I’m a saint! 🙂
  10. I’ve had my entire name written on a piece of rice. Yup, that’s right. YOU try writing a 24 lettered name on a single piece of rice.

I’m not going to tag anyone specifically, so if you want go ahead and let me know that you wrote a blog post so I can read them!


4 thoughts on “a meme

  1. I have finally been able to catch up on knitting blogs and can’t believe how freaking productive you are! I have zero time for my hobbies right now. It sucks. It’s depressing, actually.

    Hugs to you and man, Scout is freakin’ adorable!!


  2. I just love that you love animals – and that you have the cutest baby!
    [Thanks for the email and comments on my wedding – we had a blast! I’ll send you photos soon.] x

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