Up til 2

Believe me, it was harsh but totally worth it. I have been quite productive lately. Especially late night. I cannot put the blame on any one person in this household. But she wears a diaper! It’s just too tempting for little hands when I break out the paper, glue, beads, wire, knitting needles, tape, scissors… And who can blame her? Crafting is fun. Though “fun” would not be how I’d describe last nights antics.

I started working on the Valentine’s for Jody’s party:


Side view:


And a close up:


Each one is slightly different than the next. All are made with papers by Daisy D’s. I am not completely done yet though. I plan on adding ric rac, lace, ribbon, buttons, and jewels.

I also had some time to do a little beading. I made myself a bracelet which I named “The Blues”:


It’s made with blue, grey and white freshwater baroque and button pearls.

And base metal wire, jump rings and toggle clasp. (I bought one extra because I’m thinking I just might make a matching necklace.)
Close up:


I also finished the first of the Endpaper Mitts. They are a bit snug, but I’m hoping they will loosen up a bit once I soak them and block them. I also started “Hush” but to my dismay there is either a pattern error, or quite possible user error. I bought some pretty pearl colored beads for the sweater as well. Now if I could just figure out this once lace row. (I’m missing a decrease somehow.)


And some exciting news, (maybe exciting just for me)…I’ve decided to design my first pair of socks. I have already done both the swatch and pattern gauge. Now onto actually knitting them. Wish me luck.



2 thoughts on “Up til 2

  1. What adorable boxes! You are so talented! I *heart* that bracelet too. Pearls are my favorite 🙂 I’m glad that you made something for yourself. Best of luck with the sock pattern too! I can’t wait to see it.

    BTW: I’ve tagged you for a meme! Stop by my blog to see the rules. Can’t wait to hear your answers if you decide to play along 🙂

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