Moving Along

I’ve been color working along on the Endpaper Mitts and I am happy to say that I’m quite pleased, (sorry to be so redundant):



I am already working the increases and in a few rows I’ll be able to work the rest of the palm and ribbing. They are a bit tighter than I’d like, but I’m convinced if I knit them on US 3’s, they’d be too loose. I’m hoping once they are off the needles they will be a tad bit looser than they are now.

I’ve also been on a card kick lately:


I really need to start working on Shawn’s album, but it’s tough to spread out with the kids around. Especially Scout. She has to touch everything.

Other than that, I have been looking for some new recipes cause I’m sick of making the same things for dinner. It’s too monotonous. So look at what I discovered at the local libary:


An entire book about Pot Pies! YumO!

Can’t beat that!


6 thoughts on “Moving Along

  1. Mittens are gorgeous!

    I’ve found that fair isle on dpns or circs is a bit tighter than without the fair isle. Don’t know if it’s universal, or just until I learn to keep the correct tension on all my floats.

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