Something is better than nothing

And something is all I have. It’s my own fault. I take all the blame. I am 100% responsibility. If I didn’t have one million and one so many projects going on, I’d be able to show you something with substance. Instead, all I have is a card. Yeah, one stinking card:


I made this with the papers I bought at Beverly’s two weeks ago. Mind you, I am not a scrapbooker anymore. I just happened to pick up a buttload few papers at Beverly’s and a scrapbook store that Jody and I visited. Mind you, I have projects in mind. Valentine’s Day cards and a suprise mini album for Shawn. Actually there might be two. Shawn’s 28th birthday is at the end of the month so I was thinking I might make him an album that the kids can work on too. We’ll see.

All the same, I made a card for my penpal and I’m happy to have something, (anything), finished. Especially because I had major startitis yesterday. Jody and I hit the LYS yesterday to do some knitting and some crocheting. BUT, I brought my US 3’s and not my US 6’s that I needed to start Hush with. Yeah, here I am starting something with beads. More beads! What in the hell is wrong with me!? (Wait, don’t answer!) Instead, I worked on the dreaded Vogue Cabled Tunic from Winter 06. I’m still on the front. And I think in three hours I frogged two rows and knit about six rows. But, I did get a start on the Endpaper Mitts, well skeining the Koigu at least. And skeining the Blue Skys Alpaca Wool/Silk for Hush. I did more bitching than I did stitching.

I did eventually start the mitts last night after about an hour of confusion in regards to the Italian Tubular Cast On. And an hour of confusion of the new “Pirates of the Carribean”. (Shawn and I tried watching it last night but I have to tell you, it’s been a long time since we saw the second one and I could not keep up with the story line. It didn’t help that the copy I got seemed to be scratched and we had to restart the movie three times and skip over those parts each time.) Oh well. So I did finally get the cast on and then I got about 9 rows into the 1×1 rib before my eyelids were getting heavy. (It didn’t help that Shawn and I went out to dinner last night. To Buca di Beppo to be exact. And we ate. And ate. And then ate some more. I don’t think Chocolate Vesuvio is on the diet plan, what do you think?)

So a little something is better than the normal humdrum of nothing if you ask me.


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