Shrug it off

Sorry that I’ve been MIA. We’ve had all kinds of crappy things going on here this past week.Beginning with last week, Shawn and I got pulled over because we have a “gangster type” car. We drive a 1986 Lincoln Towncar. Our tags had just expired, but the cop didn’t see the tags since he was in opposite traffic. Anyway, the whole thing was pretty lame. He really was just being an ass. To make matters worse, I didn’t make it to the bank in time to make a deposit. And Shawn was too pissed off to go to the hobby shop to get the parts he needed for his r/c. *sigh*

Then on Wednesday our cable went out due to an outage. Around 12 p.m. our electricity went out completely. (Shawn isn’t too good about paying bills. As you can see. *sigh*) So, I ran around town trying to get the power turned on. It was turned on around 5 p.m., but then out of nowhere our wireless USB stopped working on the computer. Time Warner installed a wireless router in the house, but failed to mention that they don’t work so well on PC’s. So Wednesday I waited around all day for them to come fix the computer. They never showed up! I called and they said that the computer cancelled the work order because it said it “fixed itself”. Needless to say I wasn’t very happy with them. Especially since this isn’t the first, or second, time that I’ve had to call them out. They comped us $60 for the next bill and came out the next day to fix the problem. No more wireless. No more paying for wireless. No more paying for wireless that doesn’t work.

So, to get out this horrible funk and extenuating circumstances that karma seems fit to lay on my doorstep, (what I did, I don’t know), I went and had my nails done yesterday afternoon. (I should say that I did some a lot of retail shopping the other day on Etsy and Ebay.) I also worked on Scout’s shrug which I finished this afternoon:


Doesn’t she look pleased? She had just woken up from her nap and was wondering what that gold shiny thing in my hand was. (Tapestry needle.)

So we tried it on and as you can see, it’s a bit too big in the sleeves.



But, that’s ok. She’ll grow into it, rather than me having made a too small shrug that I’d have to frog later, ya know? And she still looks awfully cute, doesn’t she?



I am happy to have an FO. It’s nice. Though I still have a few things to do:

  • Finish Shawn’s Cobblestone by January 28th, (his 28th birthday)
  • Finish the lace edging for the Bed Jacket
  • Finish my Dotee doll for Swap-bot swap
  • Finish my Wee Kitty for swap, (just need to attach the head to the body and then embellish)
  • Make 15 Valentine’s for Jody’s party, (February 10th)
  • Make mini Valentine album for Shawn
As you can see I’m busy. Unfortunately this whole depression thing is causing me to start more projects than I finish. So I’ve been trying to focus on one project at a time. I’ve found it incredibly difficult to prioritize when you are an Artist. Too much media, too many patrons, too many ideas. My ideas are what keep me up til 2 a.m. and cause me to try and sleep til 10, (when Scout allows me, of course).
One bit of good news though: I’ve been doing quite well at my diet. I’ve even had a piece of cake and a 1/2 cup of ice cream as treats. I found that if I deny my cravings, then I start to obsess. But I’ve been extremely careful about my calories and fat intake that I think Shawn is ready to throw me off a mountain, poor guy. I decided not to stand on a scale and go by numbers. Instead, I’m going on how I look and how I feel. I think that’s much more important. Just as important as 180 calories in a 1/2 cup of Dreyer’s Turtles Ice Cream.
I have much more to post about, but I’ve decided that I will top posting once a week with really long and probably boring posts. Instead I will post more often about everything. In que: Rowan patterns, new yarn, Etsy purchases, sewing projects and hopefully some more knitting FO’s.

5 thoughts on “Shrug it off

  1. Scout is adorable! I totally agree with the bigger one versus the smaller one. Let her grow into it.

    Take care of the Depression. It can add “challenges” to even the best life.

    I understand the starting versus the finishing….I’ll cheer for you if you cheer for me to finish mine!

  2. That sweater is TOO cute on Scout. I am a big fan of making sweaters big. Its always fun to put it in the drawer for a month and then find it and all of a sudden it magically fits 😀

    Sorry things have been so rotten. When it rains, it pours I guess. I hope things turn around for you soon!

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