So maybe this is a sewing blog

You can’t blame me, can you? Nobody warned me about the variety of fabrics. The colors, the textures, the patterns. Nobody warned me that I could make uber cute clothing for Scout. Dresses, pantaloons, sun hats. Nobody warned me about Gingher scissors, pretty glass pins, self healing cutting mats, bobbins, thread, oh my God it’s just too much!

And then the swaps! Mainly because I need practice, I wanted to join a stuffie swap, so I did. And I am to make my partner any type of stuffie I want. But she loves green and gold. And she loves cats.


And there she is in process. I apologize for the crappy photo, I think the gold reflected with the flash. But it’s gorgeous fabric. One of many in a collection in the Fancy Cats. How can you blame me?

And what will she become, you ask? She will receive a variation of this pretty kitty.

So yes, maybe this is a sewing blog for now.

But I am knitting. In fact I went to the LYS this afternoon for about three hours or so and worked on the Baby Shrug for Scout. And I ordered some yarn from Etsy last night. And I ordered a Rowan pattern book and Koigu on eBay this afternoon. Oh yeah. I’m a Knitter.

With that said, I’m off to think about a new jewelry design.

(This craftiness never ends, does it?)


2 thoughts on “So maybe this is a sewing blog

  1. You know, I pulled out my sewing machine and my serger this weekend to fix some things and make a big photographer’s backdrop for my hubby and I’ve forgotten how much I love sewing/quilting! Can’t wait to see your FO!

  2. Making stuff for baby girls is too much fun. I completely understand. I made almost everything that Trouble and the Munchkin wore until they were about eight. I can’t wait to see some FO’s!

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