This isn’t a sewing blog

It’s sew easy, (“sew easy” – get it? LOL!), to immerse yourself in the world of sewing. (I’m not saying it isn’t so with knitting, because it is very easy to get sucked in.) Sewing. Ah. When my machine is working, life is good. I’ve been dabbling here and there. I can’t help but think of what to make next, it’s almost driving me crazy. All the colors and textures! And patterns! Oh the lovely things you can make.

Since the elephant, I made a little bird:


He is made with two of my favorite patterned fabrics I’ve bought so far. The little fishies are part of a collection called “Fancy Cats” by Makower UK. I’ll share more eventually. And I love the orange and gold swirl. I have a few of the same pattern but in different colors, green & gold/ blue & gold/ black & gold. Lovely!

He doesn’t have a name. He was only a practice piece, but I will definitely be making more of these little fellows:


But I promise you, this is not a sewing blog. There is knitting. Just not enough to show you quite yet. I suppose it really is a sewing blog. For now.


4 thoughts on “This isn’t a sewing blog

  1. Oh, you can make me a holder for my DPNs! I just dread hauling my machine out to do it.

    Used to do a lot of sewing when I had a really good machine.

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