Build a Bunny

Yesterday we had an almost 100% fantastic day. We took a trip to the mall to return some God awful clothing given to us at Christmas, for Scout. Yes, I’m a clothes snob. There will be no ribbons bigger than her head to adorn around her jammies. There will be no heart shaped leopard prints to adorn her butt. I bought some classy blouses and polo t- shirts. JC Penney’s has a plethora of normal toddler clothes.

While at the mall we stopped by Build a Bear. Now, five years ago I went to the one in Glendale and made one for Jem, (for his 5th birthday), and one for myself. Jem destroyed both.  This time I let Scout pick hers out and damn if I won’t make sure that Jem doesn’t get his hands on Floppy:


She’s cute ain’t she? And she’s got her own pair of bunny slippers:



 I really like Build a Bear. I think their prices are pretty reasonable, though I think their clothing choices are off the wall: boxers, doctors, Hannah Montana, cheerleaders, pj’s. The list goes on. If you have kids and haven’t gone there, you should. It’s a great place!

Choose Me, Stuff Me, Fluff Me, Dress Me…



2 thoughts on “Build a Bunny

  1. Awww! How cute!
    I made Isaac a monkey right before he was born, and it was bigger than him in the NICU! Zamboni (the monkey’s name..because he’s dressed in Hockey gear) even got his own hospital bracelet, courtesy of the nurses at CHOC!
    DYK I used to WORK at build a bear? And yes, some of their clothing is kinda off the wall. Trust me. At some point, remind me to tell you my tales of what people ask for!

    and don’t let Jem get his hands on Floppy…

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